Laughter at the Opera - Part 5 Saeculum Per Ignem (The World By

  • "A symphony of crackle. Ever so monotone, scarring hearts and burning all to ash, yet life-giving and a symbol of power, freedom, and prosperity. Such is the will of fire...." -Unknown

    Dancing around his feet, the roar of fire distorts and warps. Burning tissue and boiling blood on the heated ground of the theatre stage. Adrian looks around at the Pandemonium, such a twist of events and oh so sudden, yet, he dared not batter an eyelid as if he were not surprised by the outcome. No, perhaps or it was a merely a prelude to something much more hard-hitting? No, none of the above, as a matter of fact, he had no idea that he'd be standing in the centerpiece of the burning inferno, the scorching air and burning flesh that now swarmed the theatre building. His ears ringing in the screams and cries of those wishing to escape, calling for help. His eyes, dull, his expression that of an absent-minded killer sitting atop the mountain of corpses like taking lives were as easy as stretching one's limb. However, within the Labyrinth of thoughts scratching against the walls of materialization in Adrian's mind, amongst the confusion and questioning as to why this all played out the way it did and whether or not this was all Matthias's intention...One thought now prevailed over all others....


    His lips parted and the slight whisper escaped his mouth. Her name bounced off the walls of his mind...he felt himself tremble, the mere sight of her being knotted and restrained, made his cold heart burn within its dim flame. Adrian walks towards the stage, mounting the steps and standing at the center, where the spotlight would shine, his lips part...his eyes stare into the flames, he lets his heart resonate with his mind...unveiling his song

    "To think, in the nest of the sinful, where I, amongst others, feast on the desires that the rest of the sheep dare not see and shone us for, I, amongst others, whom with a mere word, could snuff out the structures of the powers at be, to think...that I would find you here....Kyoka, how long as it been? You, who have escaped the shackles of mortality, linger within the forever hidden beating rock that is my heart...Born of wealth, we shared a common emotion, who were wrought and mired in tragedy, I, who was believed to be the progenitor of it by my own blood. My soulless eyes, piercing through the vessels that would become my meals...My craving for belonging, my craving for meaning, to be accepted and loved, I sought it elsewhere. For then the day would come, when I would meet, he who holds the tongue of the devil and he would bring me to the monster himself. His arms open to those he believed were of the future, he christened me his son, among his many daughters and it was there...that I laid eyes on you..."

    He watched as the flames morphed into the silhouette of his desires, shaping into that of she who had gripped him, it dances, enticing him...seducing him...his blue eyes, stared as if he were the devil...emotionless...Callous...Soulless

    "Here, in pandemonium, you were there right before me...beaten and bruised, laid bare before these red-eyed demons and there I sat, watching as their eyes gazed in awe but none know...none will ever know of the beauty that I know....and right as you were within my grasp once the first time...with a flicker of the vanish once more..."

    He placed his right hand on his chest

    "Oh siren of fire...she who sits beyond the clutches of life, seeing you only solidifies my goal...I wish for the truth, I wish for the end. I wish for the beginning..I wish for a reason, I wish for weakness...I wish for power...I wish for all things, creation, and destruction...I wish for you...I want everything and nothing. My love to bear fruit through the understanding of the soul, as I eat the flesh of fellow man, I come closer to understanding it...I will escape the clutches of life, face the serpent who gave me the gift of the tongue...and devour him...Kyoka...Intoxicated you have left me...and driven you have made me...Wait for me. At the end of all things...and become mine."

    He stands Amidst the flames....the creaks of the wooden pillars, breaking and cracking and slowly, the building begins to topple...Meanwhile, sitting outside in a black tinted SUV, Matthias sits in the passenger's seat, observing as the firefighters appear, preparing themselves to battle what is now a blazing inferno akin to hell. He spots the Car transporting Kyoka to another location and as the car drives past the SUV, the passenger windows cross paths and Kyoka is seen sitting with another woman. Matthias's makes eye contact with her and his eyes widen for the briefest of moments

    "Of course...who else did I expect..."

    The Woman glares at Matthias, within the smallest of intervals before the car finally drives away

    "Ever the watchful eye...Monara..."

    He chuckles to himself before releasing a soft sigh, crossing his left leg over his right leg and finally closing his eyes. The chef, who accompanied Matthias sits beside him...his eyes filled with worry, as the man he admired, the snake's tongue, was still inside the building and he asked

    "Matthias...what was the point of it all? why bring him there?....what if..."

    Matthias responded

    "What if what? I simply wished to see what Kind of monster I helped give birth to....if a man, who had yet to shed any sort of emotion, A man like him, who held the same lifeless smirk, as if looking down on all those around him...could feel anything. If he survives...we will see, just what sort of monster he will be..."

    Matthias grinned, closing his eyes and signaling the driver to leave...

    "King of Kings...Look upon My work, Ye might, and despair..."

    The last words of Adrian Licht....the Building collapsed and this would be remembered, as the burning Auction


    After credit

    Rain pours, sounds of the endless clapping of rain on the concrete sidewalk rings in the ears of a man, standing under an umbrella wearing, traditional Japanese sandals, a dark coat with messy light blond hair sitting underneath a green and white bucket hat. He smirks, the shadows of the hat covering his eyes and he walks away, whistling

    "Arara...Guess we'll have to wait and see, I'll confront you next time Matthias....Body stealer..."