True Way of Bodily Form (真の体の形Shin no karada no katachi)

  • True Way of Bodily Form (真の体の形Shin no karada no katachi)

    “Many martial arts focus on achieving perfect form through striking, through combat. Sure it is a way of expression but to truly express the body? Is to align all thoughts, all emotions, all reasoning into one. To achieve perfection through expression, like a dance...Abandon the concept of form. Abandon the idea of striking of defending and simply be. Move in the way only the body can. Become a force never seen before, Become one.”

    - By Unknown GrandMaster (Progenitor of the Art)



    The Art of the Bodily form Is not considered a martial art, more so it a way of being. Those who practice this, do not engage in combat, for they do not believe in the combat. Terms that define the bodys movement and action limit the body's true potential and locks the mind away to its purest state. The Practitioners of the art believe the body, Mind, and Soul to be supreme and by reaching absolute control unlike ever seen before, can they truly show what the body is made of.

    They believe that there is no such thing as form, there is only movement. There is no such thing technique, there is only the move itself. They abandon things such as Excessive force and speed because they believe that those aren’t the key elements to achieving oneness. They believe that one has to let go of the concept of muscle, speed, and stamina and Simply just act. Whether it be a Punch or a kick, without the shackles of technique or form. Once this mastered, One unlocks a level of control unforeseen before and summons a new force from Practitioner’s moves.

    The body works in three stages. The intention, The Command, and The Action. The intention is developed, The Command tells the body to move, which births the action, that is the force being emitted, doing whatever the user desires to do. Many express this through structured notions, thinking, before extending or utilizing the limb after the Command has been set, then expression the action. The Practitioners of the way believe that unifying intention with action, allows them to surpass the natural restraints of the body. The body aligns with their mind, allowing them to act and move in the instant a thought is formed without delay between intent and Action.

    The way of the Bodily form also focuses on pure Body Efficiency, allowing those who master it to move fluidly like water, perform even the most complex of movements without strenuous effort or wasted energy.

    Mastering this form means achieving Bodily Unison. This means achieving control over all the body's cells, unifying them under one will, to allow for absolute commitment towards the desired action. Unlocking this, means forsake the natural instinct that comes with second guess, humans tend to think twice within a moment, instead of acting on the first initial thought, limiting the swiftness of the movement, this is shown in many scenarios, such as when one is about to be hit by a car, they become afraid, their body tends to freeze. Even if they become conscious of the threat before them, and they know they should flee, the sheer terror of this prevents them from doing. As the mind is in two places, causing the body to also fail to cooperate, This becomes an issue that cannot be resolved, thus limiting one's overall performance unless they learn to Unify every cell in their body under a single will, to the point that even "Instinct" may be controlled and mastery of over, can allow one to achieve weightlessness

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