• You ever told a number of people you've lived a certain life, just because you didn't want to tell them just how bad your life truly was? and now Imagine if you've lived that lie your entire life because you just were afraid that people would see you as less. 

    Sucks how it grips you huh? You think it's a small lie at first, then it grows. And before you know? You've told everyone you've ever met that that's the life you've led. But little do they know it's worse, but there's no way you're going to tell them. Because you're fine with them believing that you've had it okay despite certain shit. You're fine with that. Woe be tied the day when they ever find out, that it was way worse than you led on. 

    If you're ever in that position? and you're afraid of not being accepted? Trust me, you're only making it worse. But we're fucked like that, Humans. Sometimes you can't let go of the lie because despite all the bad? the small bits of good you believed you had, were so good they were real. Which then begs the question, was it a lie after all?


    Who knows.

    Who knows but to those in this situation?

    I get you. I do. But be honest and those who accept your honesty? will stay. Those who don't? will go, that's just how it is.

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    OLD-SOUL look people lie all the time to "belong" and that is natural. acceptance is difficult and sometimes short cuts make interaction easier. The truth is however that this strategy doesn't work long term and when you make a commitment to something...  more
    February 11, 2018