I Want To Understand.

  • I've been trying to figure this out for the past few days now and I can never seem to come up with an answer. What constitutes a bad life?

    You'd think a question like that, would have the simplest answer and it does. In some ways, many people have their own definition. But after talking to one of my friends, one of the smartest girls I know. I recently came to the understanding (Not because of her but as a consequence of the talk) That there are many, who truly believe. That the circumstances in which they see themselves in, are of no fault whatsoever, but their own. And as simple as that sounds because "Well, of course, it's not their fault!" and then you could finish off by saying, "They're not in control of their lives" But the craziest thing is. Who said they aren't? I won't talk from experience because that always seems to make me sound like a pretentious asshole so I'll keep my mouth shut on that. But, although I can see the countless thought processes people have and answers I could get? I genuinely want to know, how bad people view their lives and whether or not, they see a chance of escaping their situations and IF not? then why not? 

    What is so out of your control, that makes it not possible?


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    OLD-SOUL taken as a direct question the only clear answer would be subjective. "Bad" is something we attribute to ourselves and our situation but is very rarely objectivity based on something solid. Your in control of your life when you make decisions...  more
    February 11, 2018
  • Empress Guts
    Empress Guts Your comment was cut off, assuming that's everything you wanted to say but, I like your response. One that is a thought that sat within my own thought process whilst writing this. However, I feel as if I'm looking for an answer that really does throw the...  more
    February 11, 2018