Chronicles Part 1 - Goodnight

  • Staring at the handle of his nephew’s bedroom door, Yuichi stands listening for Silence. The silence that occupies the room of one who’s asleep. He hears nothing. Closing his eyes with a slight sigh of relief before finally wrapping his fingers around the handle, turning it and opening it slowly. The room is lit by the Moon as it smiles through the window, Yuichi’s eyes gloss over the room, everything is kept intact. Shoes tucked away neatly, Clothes folded and toys put away. He smiles softly before wincing a little, a slight pinch at the back of his neck bothers him, sends a shiver running down his back. His fingers gently reach back and trace over the the area, stroking over it before his mind already swipes past the small hindrance.
    He looks over at the bed, Finding a hump arching out, swelling the duvet, he shakes his head with a raised eyebrow. His nephew had the tendency to sleep in weird positions and often would lead to complaints in the morning regarding aches, He walks over and gently moves the duvet off him to find his nephew fast asleep, he bends down a little and scoops his hands beneath him to lift him softly and slowly settles him down straight on his stomach before adding the duvet on top of him, covering his back up to his neck, tucking him in nicely.

    Yuichi takes a seat by the bed, running his fingers through his own hair as his eyes brown eyes stare at Reno. with a solemn look, loving yet deep, as if looking through the archives of his own mind his eyes do not turn away, Yuichi takes his hand and strokes Reno’s back softly, soothing him into a deeper rest, before his pupils Dilate, as they follow the trace of hand whilst it crawls up to the boy's neck, his fingers slowly wrapping around his little nape. Silence creeps in even further. Followed by the sound of a pounding beat, His heart races….his fingers curl, tightening, digging into the boy's neck slightly. Yuichi begins to sweat. His eyes sharpened as his gaze on his nephew is reviewed by Images, Images of incident that paved his birth. How the innocence was plucked away from his Beloved sister, toyed it and left there to bleed whilst she gasped for air...7 years ago. The images flicker like a Reel. Reminding him of the day in blood and fear. Forgiveness and regret. And yet even though it had been a year now since she had passed. He still remembered the words she said clearly

    “Please forgive”

    As the words roared into his mind, his eyes Quivered and trembled, the back of his hand was then coated with tears as Yuichi began to unveil. All he could see was the father, now buried in the dirt. How his grin was etched within his mind as he was forced to watch. All he could see was terror, spewing out from the eyes of a sister he believed to be nothing less than invincible. His hand trembled...his veins were showing. Fear consumed him, Anger consumed him. The sins of the father would not fall to the son but that was all he could see. He bit his lip hard, drawing blood before pulling his hand away, He takes a deep breath, a sigh of relief before his hand clasps and claws at his own face, dragging along his skin and tugging his eyelids. As the shock of what he was willing to do seeps in, he stumbles of the bed, walking towards the window where the moonlight danced its way in. He opened it as it’s gently lover, the breeze caressed his face. It wiped his tears for him, He looked out of the window watching the leaves sway to it’s song before lifting himself up onto it’s ledge and making his way up onto the roof, sitting on the edge. His knees were curled up to his chest, his fingers gnawed at his knees whilst his eyes gazed at the moon

    “How could you? How could you have left? So easily...knowing i’d be left alone. To deal with the grief.”

    His tears return and blur his vision

    “How selfish of me, Forgetting how hard it was for you, a pain i can never understand and yet I grovel for the mercy of your advise...How many times did you grovel and received no answers to the countless questions? You climbed mountains that eclipsed the weight of anything i had to hold and still! Found time to smile in the light of day and dare to’s going to be okay…”

    Anger festers

    “How angry that made me. How furious i was that you were not like me, wallowing in the pity, seeking for someone to shield me and tend to my wounds, wounds that I could close myself. There weren’t nearly as large as the ones you carried and yet you dared to smile, you dared to keep moving. How dare you be better than I was! I couldn’t stand it….and now i’m here...talking to your reflection”

    He chuckles ever so slightly

    “Grandpa always said the moon could never hold a candle to you, Kinda sucks to be honest. I honestly don’t know what i’m doing...everything’s just kinda He paused “Going fast….faster than i expected”

    The wind started to pick up, his arms were tickled by the goosebumps that were woken up by the chill that followed, He sighed, rubbing his arms

    “This sucks ass. Not like you didn’t have your hiccups and falls. God you had a lot of them”
    He laughs

    “I mean sometimes i actually believed it would have been it. But you never ranted He raised his eyebrow Well, How i view rants and how you quote on quote ranted were completely different but it was more of a conversation, as if you were counselling yourself...Fuck you, I could never do that Hahaha!”

    He looked up at the stars

    “I’m cold and I know i never said this much but, I miss you.”
    He closes his eyes to burrow the tears away before opening them and slowly climbing back down and shutting the window tight, heading out

    “Sleep tight”