Chronicles Part 2 - Happy Birthday.

  • Gathering outside a bedroom door, Voices of children whispering and giggling whilst the floor creaks due to misstep and constant fidgeting. Crouching down and huddling together like a flock of pigeons surrounding bread, the eldest of this group of children and teens places a finger over her lips, her eyes giving a warm yet stern look as she whispers sharply

    “Shh! Yuichi’s asleep! Be quiet!”

    Faint laughter echoes slightly only followed by silence. Still silence. The eldest of them, raises her hand and counts to three, showcasing each finger as she motions the countdown and mutters them quickly


    Her eyes light up as she grabs onto the door handle and twists it, opening it. Followed by a bright smile and the children gleefully running in, holding a very ill prepared, half burnt birthday cake, their hands spread out wide like birds about to take flight, all the while taking a quick gasp of air ready to simultaneously release a phrase but suddenly their faces are met with shock, as the very person they had planned this surprise for...Is not present in the room

    Their eyes turning with confusion, viciously darting to one another whispering as the eldest shouts

    “WHERE IS HE!?!?”

    They all shrug, The children scattering around the room, aimlessly looking despite knowing he’s not there, Some look in the closet, some look under the behind, even going as far as to look behind the PC and Table, before their little heads sharply pop up, looking at her and shaking their heads, gently running back towards her, as quietly as they can, trying their best not to giggle

    Their chatter is broken once the sounds of a toilet flushing. They all stand frozen, as if stuck in time, with their hands clasped over their mouths at once. The floor creaks due to the emerging footsteps heading down the corridor towards the bedroom, Like the sight in a horror movie, their heads turn as if awaiting a certain horror. Greeted by Yuichi, wearing grey withered sweat pants that look like they haven’t been washed in a week and a hooded sweater, with the hood placed over half way over his head, allowing his forehead to be shown. Accompanied by a blank expression and a toothbrush in his mouth, He reaches for it, pulling out and wiping his lips before speaking

    “Da fuck are you guys doin?”

    The eldest eyes turn into a sharp stare, both horrified at his use of language but also the fact that their surprise went up in flames

    She Exclaimed

    His Unimpressed, unfazed expression doesn’t leave him, her statement was wrong in so many ways. But his expression morphed and scrunched as he stretched his arms to yawn, before his arms dropped readily and he slouched his back over into a hunch, whilst scratching his head. His eyes scanned over the kids before taking a glance at the cake, his eyes closed and he face palmed

    “You guys really suck you know that?”

    A sudden burst of laughter erupts, taking them both by surprise, The children laughing till their little stomachs hurt, forcing them into crunches. Ryota, third eldest of the children speaks

    Ryota: H-hehehehehe! You should have seen y-your face!”

    He continues laughing as the other kids all begin running around, Bumping into one another, eventually bumping into the eldest, Kiyoto. Causing the cake to fall out of her hands


    With her best attempt to catch it, it crumbled through her fingers and splattered across the rugged floor. The children kept running around and playing not even noticing. She took a deep sigh, stared at the now non existent though poorly done cake for a few seconds, before lacing a strand of her hair behind her ear, Kneeling down to clean up

    Yuichi looked at her for a second. He closed his eyes and rubbed between the crooks, before kneeling down to help her and letting out a small chuckled

    Yuichi: Knowing you, it probably would have poisoned me He laughs but he was immediately silenced

    Kiyoto: “Shut up. Just...Be quiet.”

    His smile faded and his eyebrows crunched into a frown before picking up the little pieces, But then the back of his hands greeted by tears. Causing his eyes to dart up and spotting her eyes watering

    Yuichi: “Whoa chill! I was kidding!”

    Sharp and wide eyed, He places his hand on her shoulder, gently jerking her and tilting his head to look at her

    Yuichi: “Hey! Kiyo it was only a joke”

    She moved his hand away

    Kiyoto: It’s not that. She wiped her tears softly, her voice a little broken but she quickly collects herself “I figured with everything going so wrong lately, With the conviction and the pregnancy, I wanted this to go right you know?”

    Yuichi: He closed his eyes for a moment, nodding “Yeah..i get what you me-”

    His eyes reopened in the fraction of a second, his jaw slightly hanging and sharply looking at her

    Yuichi: “...WAIT WHAT!? PREGNANCY!?”

    She frowns and glares at her, sternly

    Kiyoto: That’s not funny. Yes you know full well not behave yourself and let’s just get this shit in the trash. She continues to pick up the bits of smudged cake bits

    He collects himself for a moment, but his vision is met with what seems to be static, as if an aerial TV signal cut out. It throws him off, causing his head to whirl a little and displacing him off balance. He shivers for a moment and Rubs his eyes with his left hand. Though shortly after, his hearing also seems to suffer the same effect but causing to turn deaf for just a moment. Quickly covering his ears, He begins to shout out for her but he cannot hear himself, He looks around and finds that she isn’t there. Figuring that she had probably gone downstairs to throw away the cake bits, he blitzes down the steps, before heading into the kitchen. Finding her knelt over the trash can. She turns around, looking at little puzzled

    She speaks, He sees her mouth moving but he cannot hear her. Frustration grows inside him and he pushes her aside, running to the sink, Turning on the tap and filling his hands with water, not knowing what good it would do but he wasn’t sure what was going. He washed his face and sighed...before his hearing returned and all he could hear was


    He looked around frantically, Totally confused and quite freaked out by it all, His hearing cut in one second, then the next he was hearing pleas, He darted to the main drawer, where all the medicine pills were kept and he took out all he could. But suddenly his vision went black. He couldn’t see anything and in that moment he screamed, letting out frustration and anger, fear and a whirl of other emotions. Then everything went silent….He calmed down and took a deep breath, wiping his eyes once more and finding himself upstairs, outside his room in the same position he was sitting in before he headed downstairs with bits of the birthday cake splattered across the floor. He was even more confused but before turning to face his sister, He was met with a painful, yet soft voice

    “Please...f-forgive him...f-forgive him!”

    He looked to where his sister was and found that she was in fact laying over his lap, His right arm impaled into her stomach, Her eyes lifeless as she stared up at him dead, blood painted over her lips and chin as if she had gagged, Overcome with every emotion plaguing him...He let out a scream. It ran throughout the entire house. His scream only grew as with each blink he took, he was graced with body after body. The bodies of the children, all hugging tombstones lined up in rows before him. His vision fizzed out once again, but every time it returned, an images flashed with what seemed to be a blank figure with no features but rainbow colors shifting over his canvas like body, with every blink, the same image would flash and his head would turn as if facing Yuichi himself, He could not longer scream, all that was left were strains and groans connoting pain and uncertainty beyond measure, they voice his despair. With each blink the figure in the images lifted his hands and the final image revealed a heart, Yuichi screamed

    Everything went silent…..Dead silent, Yuichi’s eyes snapped opened. Jolting up and clasping his hands over his face. Looking around to find himself in a room. He looked at the bed he was laying on, finding a young boy laying next to him…..His nephew. His heart sank for a moment and the deepest sigh of relief parted from his lips, He washed over his face with his hands and glanced at his wrists. Scars, Bandages coated over them. he slowly looked at his desk, finding a knife and some pills….exactly where he left them. He shook his head and returned to the bed, laying on his back and covering his eyes with his forearm….

    Later on in the day