*Revelation of the Lost*

  • “It wasn’t easy, always accepting the things i couldn’t control. The hand of the needy was always cast away, because the sheer notion of help alluded me. Look at me now? I sit at the summit, as part of the all things and nothing, Believing I should know all. Should I not? I am a ghost. A shadow and the dead do not live. Yet they’re my council. My guide and breath to this void of everlasting.
    How is it so? How could i have been blind to what was in front of me? Does the sun change how it sets? Do the stars grow cold instead of more luminous? Change is only of accordance to will of what has already been established and yet….There is the Uncertainty principle. A thought experiment, Primitive in its notion of quantum superposition. But for whatever reason, possibly all reason, the uncertainty line of reasoning falls flat. When all possibilities are considered...for most are blind. Uncertainty is the act that brings forth Urgency, pushing their daily lives closer to the surprise of death. The drive that wakes them up in the morning and here i sit. Alone, Nothing and all. Part of the whole yet completely separate from it. Do I mourn? For is this the perfection I sought out so avidly? With the passions of millions oh how i was a force to be reckoned with. The masses knelt, my Benevolence was of the utmost purity, But the perfection i sought? Was in fact a flaw.”

    “A Lie.”

    “A Fairy tale for those who would believe in the life after physical decay and spiritual enlightenment.”

    “Slaves to their own minds. Limited by what they believe they understand but do not realise that the illusion is conducted by the words they speak. For the gods born from dusts led by the imagination are of their own making. That is the freedom. The freedom of Choice, Creativity, The Mind everlasting, creating the kingdoms of both torment and beauty. True perfection., The need for acknowledgement. The need to exist. to feel, to touch, to love, to speak and dream. The desires that took form and gave us the very deities of old who shape our worlds, for we are the artists who cultivate life. every thought spirals into a new reality. A new decision. A new possibility, endless in it's nature and Yet? What they do not see. Is that we stand in the presence of the maker. We are the makers and the dreamers, the weavers and singers. but we close our ears to the sounds of our own music”

    “From nothing created form. Flaw created the perfection and yet the perfection wishes to return to the flaw. No. I wish to achieve perfection, With thought i cast away the chains of everlasting Null. Grant me feet to walk among the stars. Give me a tongue to speak music of Mind. Grant me a name to imprint along the heavens. Standing with the gods of imagination created by realities on conductors. I am Ocean. I am Human. I live and breath the clouds of suns. The Body of reality is within. For we were perfect. We are perfection….

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