Questions I get asked.

  • These are questions i get asked by people, because for whatever reason? they seem to give a shit about my Opinion...whereas i clearly don't regarding theirs >.> okay that's a lie, I do care XD


    1. What do you define a good character as?

    Because there is no Universal definite answer to as what makes a good character and this is all just based on my own opinion, but to even provide an answer that could adequately express what I think makes one? It boils to an emotional connection i have to the character. If i can find an emotional connection to said character? To me it is a good character. Why? because Not only will i see things from the character's perspective but things that other people would otherwise DISPEL? I would grasp. You could have character who's completely good at everything, he smiles, gives everyone hope. people love him or her but to many people? that's a bad character because he seems 1-dimensional. To base it solely off that? to me shows slight ignorance and Unwillingness to understand the character. What about makes them 1-dimensional? have you ever questioned WHY they are like that? essentially the people that exist in the world we live in who are LIKE that...are they 1-dimensional? have you tried putting yourself in their shoes? what if it's hard being that hopeful?etc etc...I get the conjecture of this but for me personally? it doesn't HAVE to be stated how much said character goes through, as long as i can see from the height or low point of the character is viewing it? and that i can see myself doing the same thing they're doing? then for me it is a good character. simply becausee once that is establish? an entire network of emotions and thoughts run through my head. It could be a single line...that sums a character up completely and I would instantly fell in love.

    2. What do you like about your characters?

    As for second question. I've often based my characters on what I go through within said period of time, therefore, they are more reactionary creations, then actual thought turned into active creativity with immense lore etc. I wouldn't say I like them because they reflect me, both my males and female, I've developed many in a emotional sense, getting them emotionally intelligent, understand their feelings....trying to empathize with others and finding their place, all the while trying to juggle so many things at once at the same. trying to meet set standards of what others place on you. Sure sometimes power play comes in but that's never been the focus, so if i have to say what i like about them? I like their unwillingness to quick. I like through them? I've portrayed that cynicism does not equal maturity, being a realist does not allow you understand how "Things simply just are" there an infinite number of possibilities and ones life is influenced by the causes they put in place and the affect it can have. The very principle of Buddhist Karma.

    3. What do you think a bad character looks like?

    This will probably be my shortest answer because for me PERSONALLY? There is no such thing. Because whenever i hear "Oh shit person is a bad character" By who's definition are they going by? if it's there own? then SURE. but if not? like....>.> really?