Final Entry. Meeting with death

  • The Journey I took. The Journey I will take....For I am Immortal, Invincible and death holds no claim on me


    "Adjusting has always been something i've never really been good at....but here I stand at the entrance to the world where the dead scream...I cannot waltz in with my physical body...for such i place i cannot make such i follow suit"

    I float, having fallen into the Nigh endless chasm, transcending past the physical realm, into the pit, the realm of the undead. My physical body begins to decay, my astral Luminous body gives way, shining through the nuclear chaotic darkness, Much like my father's, this body holds a dark halo behind it, channeling the raw energies of ether and material from beyond. I am in the form of an infant celestial, I walk along the skull and boned covered ground, passing through them like a ghost, before my ears are greeted by waves.

    Accompanied by the endless moans and groans of the restless, the ones who do not sleep in this pit of ever nigh, I approach it...The dark river with it's inhabitants, screaming and begging. The Seven rivers of the underworld....The river of styx, it's waters wash over my astral feet as I walk into it's domain, The souls shriek at my augoedies, it's luminous bright light and heat boiling the waters of death, they grasp at my form, trying to decay the brightness that makes them squeal, they growl and snarl,. The waters allow me to experience death 1000x over...Each time, is as if i had died for the first time...I walk through the river as i sink, walking along it's smoky, ash rock bottom, the waters are deep but the deeper one goes, the strongest the pressure.

    The river is no different and yet there is silence...The Groans have stopped and now all i see is The eyes, The eyes of the souls that had given up trying to escape the rivers...The watch me, their eyes lifeless and yet I can see the lives they lived....A mother of 4 children, committing adultery and incest with 2 of her young kids...She realizes there is no escape. An old shop owner, Kidnapping 2 of his regular costumers, having locked them away to pleasure himself, his sickly mind now damned for eternity. His eyes tell me that this is it...The plethora of eyes that watch me in the purity of my form. Their eyes of sorrow do not phase me. I suddenly feel a shift in the waves, I begin to ascend walking up to shore as the light from myself begins to up the path i have taken yet stripping me of astral form...transcending one more....My body reappears, yet It is not real, simply a concept, an idea...of my own mind. I walk while feeling the heavy ground beneath my feet, the river leaves me, I do not look back. One does not look back at the river, for this is the realm of the dead, regret holds one hostage and damned for eternity and eternity is time i cannot afford to waist, I continue but here i am greeted by presences of power...I know this feelings, like an ocean is right above me and it's pressure weighs me down....I walk past the arches and tunnels that lead to the individual homes of the deities I see, I walk past they Bow to me, To one such as I, The son of the beyonder, but it is I who should bow...For i gaze upon every Deity of death from every myth. Their aura and splendor in it's greatest of forms, purest and mnost divine.

    First the Babylonian Lords of the dimensions underworld....Lady Ereshkigai, The first lady of the under world and Nergal, the second lord....Their presence rocks their dimensions to it's core, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, inviting as the touch of death itself. I glance at them for i then continue to my destination and walk the long road

    Next I am greeted by a Man with a skeleton for a face, his hands are ablaze with the green fires of death...standing on a forever decaying soul infested Pillar, right by a woman, her face two like a skull...both their forms as oozing black ash and smoke...I know them, I name them...Mictlantecuhtli God of Death....For the people of Old Aztec...Along with his wife Mictecacihuatl...Both dwellers in the window realm of Mictan..The realm of the dead. for they that which they governed.They watch me as I walk past their presence...They nod their heads as if in respect..then resume their endless watch of the dead...I continue on

    Next, i walk through a desolate endless mountain plain, the skies are dark and yet there exists a moon...Sometimes i forget i am one of the few that know the underworld is an infinite multiversal labyrinth housing every single death deity of imaginable and unimaginable scale. I look out to it's endless landscape before i hear chanting...A soulful song is sung...I turn to watch as i See the forever wandering 7 mothers of eternal sleep....Clad in their forever black robes, they walk endlessly, watching over and praising the dead for their triumph at making it to the final stretch at the end of life....They are gentle group...Beautiful in their size and feature...I smile at them as they wave..The walking grows tiresome, even in this form where time has no meaning, I grow tired. my feet sunk between the teeth of death and it's roars and I take flight. Over the mountain, bowing to the dark clouds of the abyss, it's none existence sings to me, of the most paradoxical of natures, but my eyes are diverted beneath my feet, i look down to find Humming men....In royal garments....I know them...For their names and identities shall never leave me. In Chinese Myth...They are the Kings of the Ten underworld palaces...They chant the mantra of death to all those who turn to seek it's favour...In truth not many know of their many faces...For neither did I....I continue on....I feel the wind of an ever blowing hurricane...could only be created by wings...For i look up and see a descending angel...Azrael...or as known as Malak Al Maut for those of the islamic faith...He bows in his favour and mercy, He knows me...For he identifies me..... I bow and continue on...I walk past the dark pyramids....a dark pillar is seated above them....I hear a lonely Howl....Anubis sits...holding a dark soul skull...he watches me....I dare not look...for i am Non corporeal and in the realm of their reign...with a blink i could belong to him...but as i continue he does not mind me....I walk past the windowless realms...there is it that Izanami...The Queen of yomi bows and greets me...i make haste for i do not have time....I continue on as i reach the final gate....The gate of the ever lasting death and guarding it...Is the Hound that all will know...Cerberus....The hound sniffs and bows to me, I pet it for it a majestic creature...The gates open as i walk through the dark crops...The endless flows that resemble the land of heroes, Elysium...but this is not such....I continue along the road before i look over a deep chasm...i feel it's presence...for this is the pit...Tartarus...I kneel in respect before I take the is dark, I hear the tranquil song of souls before i feel a presence i have felt Before...I know his favour...for he saw my death....The Great thanatos...I invoke him as i fall...I know full well he has a dimension of his own, so vast that the depths of Tartarus are a mere ant in his presence...I invoke death. All that seek his favor...Seek his great. I invoke greet me and to grant me. One. Last Request.