Memoirs of Fallen Traveler Part 1

  • Sitting on a mountain, in an unknown time...searching for answers, he sits and sighs, running his fingers through his hair and closes his eyes...


    Memoirs of Fallen Traveller Part 1


    "shhhh.....i- hic-...i'ts o-kay" tears fall from her eyes, mixing with her bloodied face. she gags and coughs up blood as her hand reaches up to his cheek, he grips onto her hand and slowly pulls the sword of her stomach and his tears fall onto her face...he shakes, whimpering

    "i c-cou...c-couldn't...i h-ha-...his cries down out his speech as he nuzzles her hand and holds her close...the blood coating her stomach down to her waist and both their hands interlock as blood runs down his forearm and her pupils dilate as she smiles, slowly closing her eyes

    "D-don't's going to be o- hic -okay...p-protect him please..i'l always b-be with yo....."

    she passes away slowly....Rain falls that night...a house is burnt to the ground....surrounded by mountains of dead corpses, he cries...alone...shaking as his head is buried between the crook of his wife's neck...he weeps alone....

    Hours pass, he walks towards the burning house....behind the garden gate underneath a small build shelter is a child, a young boy unconscious....gripping a sword, the man's eyes are that of one who has lost everything but as he sees the boy his eyes brighten ever so slight with a glimmer of hope, he picks up the boy and carries him over his shoulder, holding the sword the walking away....the fire burns...the house collapses and the bodies turn to ash...

    25 years earlier

    a couple screams, running away into the forest, the wife holding her two children tight to her breast, she runs over the thorns and stones, her toes are bleeding, the husband is not to far behind....the night covers the forest as thunderous sounds of a horde charges into the forest....the mother screams and trips over

    "RAIEN!!! RAIEN"

    she's broken a leg, Raien, grabs his sword and axe as the shadow horde race towards the family, as the leap....their shadow blots the moon as they descend...Raien trying his best, fending off as many shadows as he can....slashing and jabbing, ripping and biting...he fights...for it's his last day....his focus is on a high...his eyes are blood shot. multiple shadow spikes pierce through his rib cage and he screams, one shadow gets free of his barrage and it charges at the mother and her kids...then suddenly an arm is thrown right threw it....Raien's eyes glaring at the dead shadow as he sacrificed his own arm to kill it....The mother looks at her husband....her eyes distraught and fearful...she cries as she stretches out her arm for him...pleading for him...

    he closes his eyes.....shaking his eyes in sadness as his reopens his eyes and mutters words....before leaping towards the they consume him.....the mother screams.....her eyes blurry as tears take over...she begins to crawl away, holding her two children....

    a road is sighted near by....he crawls as quickly as she can...her leg bleeding out...she's losing blood and he coughs...gently placing her two children beside a small bush, well hidden but in view point of the road...she knows that farmers and sometimes soldiers from the army pass by....she holds her her children, shaking due to the cold and her broken legs begins to get infected....she shivers violently...her eyes red due to the blood...she looks down at her children....smiles and kisses both their forehead.....hours.....she prays......she sleeps.....she never wakes up

    flashes of images....fill his mind once more....10 years later

    cries of battlefield....soldiers falling and screaming, the general shouts for his men to pull back but on soldiers refuses, he points towards the castle wall and screams that the general of the army is just near their reach

    General: LISTEN BOY! WE WILL LIVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY! PULL BACK NOWW! he reigns on his horse, signalling his men to follow suit but then he darts his head back find that the boy charges foolishly into the battle field, the general shouts for him, cursing the boy

    General: GOD BOY! HOW DARE YOU DEFY ORDERS! TSK...MEN! FOLLOW HIS LEAD....CHAAAARRRRGGEEE!!! the generals men charge following the boy lead as he mows down soldiers after solider

    the boy charges quickly, tumbling and rolling, his agility is impressive but then suddenly...the roars of the battle...are silenced....sounds of whiplash like cuts and blood spurts are freezes the the sounds came from behind him....they only lasted a second....but as he turned around...he saw a sight so devastating he puked....his entire army....was wiped one solider

    the boy's eyes widen, at this point he was 14....he held a sword and he trembled....he had experienced battles like this....for years on end trying to find his this point it was only rumoured if he even had one...since all he has to remember her by is a bracelet on his left wrist in which all their family names are carved onto it...the boy trembles as the solider walks up to him...before taking off the helmet and revealing a girl....a girl with white hair and the same height as him

    he didn't know who the girl was....but for some reason he knew her name...he was unsure but a connection made it slightly clear...he grit his teeth and gripped his sword, he looked in absolute shock


    she grinned before stabbing him

    the nightmare flashbacks end

    Present day....the man wakes find that his mind was being watched by a demon....a demon haunting his past and preying on his deepest feelings and regrets....he turns around and immediately slashes it....before getting's been a day since saving June, he had been asleep for over a day, by small tree in the forest...he rubs his eyes and proceeds to head to the river....he takes off his armour and places down his axe and sword....the axe was his father's....he looks into the water and with his own sword....he shaves....before tying his hair into a pony tail....scars all over his face in which his beard would have covered before, he puts in his armour and looks at the bracelet of his wrist and sighs, rubbing his chest and walking off, he looks down at his belt to find his device sparking as if it short circuited

    " i'm stuck in this fucking timeline....there much be another way out.." he sighs

    "at least....this timeline...she's alive....i'm sorry..."

    he walks off, wrapping himself with his black cloak and putting on the hood