Memoirs of a Fallen Time Traveler Part 2

  • After the Battle in which Annabelle stabbed only 10 years old

    He woke up in a tent, sweating, twisting and turning, he was bandaged from his shoulder down to his stomach, he looked up at the ceiling and placed his hand over the wound and took a deep sigh...images flashed off the battle...the soldiers screams as they were dismembered...being carved through like butter...the flashes ended and he got up, limping towards the tent curtains and he sighed, until he was kicked...he fell to the ground...he rolled and hit his head against the wood pillar...he bled a little but his wound began to sting as the general walked in and began to curse kai

    General: he walked in with a bandage wrapped around him...he had lost an arm....he kneel down above kai and began beating him "MEN! PRECIOUS MEN! DEAD FOR YOU FUCKING STUNT! the beatings got harder, he took a club and began beating him harder IT'S ALWAYS BEEN YOUR FAULT! FIRST THE MAIDS?! NOW MY MEN! I THOUGHT....I THOUGHT BUYING YOU FROM THE SLAVE MASTER WAS A GOOD THING! I COULD GIVE YOU A LIFE!!! BUT YOU FUCKING....YOU.....he took kai's sword and stabbed it in his right shoulder and kai's was muffled by the blood that filled his mouth i should have you killed...but'll get worse...he some of the soliders that survived walked into the tent and unbuckled their belts

    General: you're no along welcome in my camp....once your done...leave" he walks out


    the night was a long....only 10 years old....they had there way with him....his mouth was tied but as they finished....he laid in his own blood...bandaged and crying....he looked for the one thing that could keep him safe...his sword and he reached for it...cradled it....glaring into the night.....for he cried in rage....and this rage would continue.....until the next morning

    every single soldier was massacred....the general's head was on a spike....kai wandered....wandering alone