Memoirs of a Fallen time Travele, seeking redemption Part 3

  • 5 Years before the death of his wife

    Hospital, 5AM, june 25th

    he paces up and down the ward hall, holding his head anxiously, his heart is racing, emotions flurry through him and spark like multiple electric circuits, he tries to take a deep breath...he can hear his wife scream...he pulls his lower eye lids in she dying?! what's going on? is it okay? he wanted to go in...he should be there...he puffed up and raised his resolve...he walked into the operating room and bumped into a doctor

    Doctor: oh my i'm so sorry...sir we were just about to get you looks up at him

    "is she okay?!...." he looks and hears a baby cry....his heart leaps...his eyes water with tears and a smile washes over his face as he walks towards the hospital find his wife...holding their newborn son

    Doctor: takes off the gloves and smiles "Congratulations, you've delivered a healthy baby boy, sir kai you looked really worried chuckles the amount of times you've entered this hospital due to near death and now labour freezes you? chuckles and walks out i'll prepare for clean up and vitals...i'll leave you two alone for a while the doctor walks out of the doors

    looking at his son and he smiles, his tears continue to fall and his wife lifts his chin and wipes his tears

    "awww she giggled and took a deep breath how can i have both my boys crying? she smiled sweetly yet exhausted before she lifted the baby to him and he gently took him from her...cradling him and looked down as his little face

    "he's so small...yes he's baby i know but..." Kai smiles and rocks the baby hey little guy...finally get to see daddy's face huh? tsk can't even open you're eyes yet laughs but once you do...i got a lot of stuff to show you okay?

    his wife laughs

    "like what? you're sword? no kai there's no way he's getting into that...she yawns i can hardly handle you getting injured so behave yourself she smiles and rests her head on her pillow

    "hey the boy's gotta train!" he laughs "gotta be strong for mommy when daddy's not around as she utters those words he smiles but his eyes sadden a little "i'll try my best to be the best okay?" he turns to his wife and smiles

    she smiles back "you'll be fine baby stop panicking she giggles and opens her arms and kai walks over to give her back the baby and he kisses her forehead

    "so...has daddy figured out a name yet?" she looks up into his eyes, her eyes glistening as she bites her lips, smiling softly at her husband and he scratches his head

    "nah i said fuck it....have him be nameless" he laughs and she slaps his shoulder "ow i was kidding geez" he covers his mouth and chuckles

    she rolls her eyes "can you please just for once stop playing around? please?" she looks up at him sternly and he salutes her

    "yes ma'am!" he tries to go for a kiss but she rejects him and he grabs his chest and pretends to cry
    "ouch.....ouch!" he chuckles "but okay enough games" he wraps his arms around them both

    "something meaningful...fierce yet peaceful...he scratches his chin

    "how about....amon?" he says on a gentle tone and looks at his wife as she smiles, her eyes tearing as it's the name of her father and she gives him a kiss

    "you deserve one for that" she giggles knowing his reaction

    "I KNOW RIGHT?! of course i did" he laughs and smiles softly, gently rubbing her arm

    she smiles "Amon...Amon Raihan" she tears up as they fall and kai wipes them "i love it....i love you..."*she looks up at him and kisses him gently*

    her returns the kiss and smiles "Violet, don't worry about earlier...i'll protect both of you...always"

    Violet: "i know you will baby" she smiles

    the flash back ends with images flashing of the events 5 years after....kai holding her...pulling the sword of from her stomach...the house burning...kai retrieving 5 year old amon...from his shelter and walking away from the burning house....the circumstances...unknown

    present day...

    he shakes his head, wondering why the flashbacks are happening and he takes out a pendant of his wife and child...and closes his eyes to avoid the tears not now...not now...just leave me alone...forever plagued...forever tormented..he wanders...waiting to correct the mistake