Memoirs of a Fallen Traveler Part 4




    The Young amon crouches in a bush....holding his bow an arrow...aiming as he has his eye on a deer....he shoots and it hits perfectly..straight into it's heart and he pumps his fist in the air

    Amon: dad i did it! he smiles and flips over the bush, running towards the deer...praying for it...before gutting it and kai runs along to help him

    Kai: trying to keep his face smiling for son, although grieving...he helps him gut the deer and takes a deep breath amon bring it with you and head back to the camp okay? i'm going to see if i can find more wood, keep the axe throws the axe to him and amon nods, catching it and lifting the deer over his head...running back to the Camp

    Kai looks to watch him go and he takes a deep sigh, before walking through the forest towards a river and he falls to his knees, washing his face...before looking at his only see his wife...burning...she's screaming...cursing him....his tears fall as they ripple in the water...her death....he blamed himself, that night..that night would forever be unclear... (i plan to leave it ambiguous and only explain it if people want it to be explained) he sighed and washed his face once more before heading back to the camp and kicked down a tree with a simply tap...lifting it up and throwing up so high with a light push

    :.....shit.....he sighs and shouts AMON! HEADS UP! he looks up at the sky only to see amon leap up from the forest and catch the tree

    got it dad!! why is so heavy!? he falls back down and lands with a thud

    Kai: laughs and walks back to the camp to find his sun laying on the giant tree
    my bad...but at least the fire can stay longer he sits down, stretching his hand to grab the branch lifts it lightly, setting it down beside him

    Amon: winces and sits up, fixing his hair and he laughs
    that was heavy dad what the hell!?

    hey you caught it right? which means what? smiles at him

    i'm getting stronger looks at his hand and grins soon i'll be able to fight you

    :....behave yourself....



    suddenly after the awkward silence they both start laughing into the night, eating the deer....and amon slowly begins to fall asleep so he curls up into his fathers arms and yawns, the night is young...the stars are filled and several shooting stars fly past

    dad? looks up at the skies as his father strokes his hair

    hm? what is it? looks down at him

    do you think if i make a wish...that mom will come back? i mean the wishes work right? he looks up at his father with pleading eyes

    Kai: looked at his sons eyes and closed his eyes...hesitating to answer...for a bit but he looked up at the sky
    yeah....yeah they work, so do your dad a favour...wish for the both of okay? because daddy's run out of wishes to give....he closes his eyes and kisses amon's head we'll be okay, alright...i promise, now go to sleep....we gotta move early tomorrow

    Amon: closes his eyes and snuggles with him
    "yes sir....goodnight dad"

    Goodnight amon takes a deep sigh and looks at the fire....staring at his as he drifts off into a memory...

    (oh shit! a day dream inside a memory! wuuuutttt?!?!?))

    10 years ago....kai was now a fully fledged mercenary...doing odd of which ended up resulting in the death of his twin sister Annabelle whom had been trying kill him for an untold amount of time...but at this point in time...he was severely injured and brought to hospital....the nurses and doctors all talking at once....asking for X-Rays rays and brains scans...blood samples and the lot....until finally.....silence

    Kai wakes up in the hospital bed....with multiple scarring, black eyes and bruises all over his nurse is assigned to him specifically....her Name was Violet Kitano...she was the head nurse of this particular ward....and she was assigned to kai, over the course of a few weeks she would give kai his daily medicine...until the swelling around his eyes started to go and he could finally see her...his body had all recovered and his eyes were in shock...he missed out on such a beauty, though they had talked over the course of the weeks and had gotten close but kai, having finally seen her up until now had fallen for her personality...her looks simply boosted the feelings and so he persisted

    Kai: ran out from his room and followed her
    hey! hey!! he cleared his throat and took a deep breath, walking up to her "hey um...violet...yeah! so what time do you get off work? i mean i'm healed now and i was thinking me and you go for a--- she placed his lip on his finger and giggled, shaking her head

    Violet: holding her clipboard
    "Not tonight big boy i have a class to so yeah, tomorrow? at 8?

    Kai: blinked almost 3 times trying to process...he thought to himself..
    ."who the fuck teachers yoga late at night?" he shook his head and smiled "uh uh...yeah yeah! sure! tomorrow at 8! where do i meet you? or pick you up?

    Violet: she laughed, she could tell he was nervous but she pushed it to the side and acted upon her own feelings, biting her lip
    "at my place?" she starts walking away

    Kai: just stands shock and awe
    "um...The way you said was like i'm just supposed to know where you live?! gee that helps" laughs

    Violet: flips her middle finger up as she walks and replies
    "check your pocket asshole!" she laughs and leaves

    "i have a pocket?..."he looks down and sees it "hehe...oh yeah....i have a pocke"t he laughs and pulls out a note, opening it to see her address "damn....i fucking adore this bitch" he pumps his fist in the air twice and twirls back to his hospital bed...gathering his things and leaving the hospital, as he leaves he is given a goodbye by multiple other patients and he waves them bye before leaving....

    Tomorrow night...8pm

    the sky roars as he flies down but lands badly, making a huge crater by her front lawn...his dust is a little dusty, Violet walks out in a long black dress

    um?.....she looks at her front lawn and give a gentle sigh

    i Swear i can fix that! he tries not laugh

    Violet: she gives a small glare

    whoa! Yes ma'am...turns around and shows his back i mean...i didn't know you were into that...but sure he blushes and laughs

    Violet: "
    oh behave yourself!" looks at his back and feels it up, checking for his sword and axe "okay good! i don't want any injuries tonight...besides you've only just gotten out so i want wanna have to treat you again...she giggles and links her arm with his "shall we?"

    Kai: he chuckles and pulls her close
    hey wait...i thought you had a car?...what happened to it?

    Violet: she raises her eyebrow as they begin to walk
    "hello? are you okay? what time period are you living in?" she laughs

    "what time period has yoga?!" he laughs

    Violet stares right at me...the writer
    "blame him, he doesn't know what he's writing about"

    Kai: looks at her concerned
    "...uh....who's him? and who's writing what?"

    Violet: she laughs and shakes her head. squeezing his arm
    "nothing nothing!"

    Kai: chuckles a little and mumbles under his breath

    "...fucking crazy"

    Violet: stomps on his foot and he shouts
    "call me that again and i'll kill you!" she chuckles and leans up to kiss his cheek

    Kai: winces and sighs
    "gee....and i get a kiss on the cheek...that's it?!"

    "you'll get more if you behave" she smiles and bites her lip

    "damn right i will" he laughs and begins to float up with her into the sky

    the moon beckons in the sky as the two fly endlessly..into the night sky...flying as night falls darker....a month later she falls pregnant....9 months later she's given birth to a healthy baby boy...amon (seee part 3!!)......5 years after....the tragedy of her the hands of kai himself....the memory ends as he wakes up with amon in his arms still asleep, kai's tears running down his face as he remembers the time they met...the date...and the birth of his son right up until her death...clinging to his son tight