Memoirs of A fallen Traveller Final Part

  • He opens his eyes to the blue sky...birds flying without a cloud in sight....he smiles, running his hand over his face, feeling his own skin then gently rustling his fingers through his hair...he yawns...he slowly sits up but as he looks down to spot his son....he finds himself laying by himself.....amon is gone......Kai gets up quickly, his eyes widen has that jolted him awake instantly, he looks around, the entire camp was ransacked during his he looks around, moving every piece of tent cloth and branch he shouts

    Kai: AMON!!! he looks frantically, beginning to panic, though he knows his son can take care of himself...but he was still worried SON! WHERE ARE YOU!? he begins to float up to get a vantage point...looking over the forest....only to hear a scream

    "DADDDD!!!DAD HELP M---the scream is suddenly muffled

    kai's eyes widen more, he drops down and grabs his axe, forgotten to put on his shirt...he runs, pushing trees out of the way, his breathing is getting faster...but as he runs, he looks to either side of him to find two men in black cloaks and white masks follow his speed....kai looks at them both...knowing he's trapped....he grabs their heads in an instant and flies up with them, throwing one of them so hard and as such speeds that it cracks their neck due to breaking the sound barrier....kai holds the other one and crushes his neck with a simply grip before following his son scream and he shoots through the sky....he examines the forest...trying to hear the screams again before spotting multiple men in cloaks and masks...holding a little boy...kai grits his teeth so hard his gumbs begin to bleed....his eyes glare with such anger

    Kai: THAT'S MY SON!!! the sky cracks and roars as he shatters the sound barrier as if it was easy...flying at such speeds the trees around him begin to catch fire....but the men in cloaks are fast...maybe faster as kai tries his best to catch up...he grabs his axe and throws it at one of them....kai's eyes glow, enhancing the axe with his life force and he rips through most of them...amon is thrown into the air because of it as they fall and kai flies up to catch him, embracing him tight as amon cries and shakes

    Amon: trembles and shakes his father's arms, kai takes off the blindfold and chains that bound him and holds him close

    Kai: shhhhh it's okay i got you now holds him close i got---he didn't even finish his a shadow was cast around the sky...he looked up to find that it was filled with men in dark cloaks and white masks....they had them surrounded....kai closed his eyes before looking at Amon i know you're scared...but dad can't do this without...can you be strong for dad?


    Amon: tries to calm down but as he does he nods i...i can! he looks determined

    Kai: that's my remember what i taught you right? if anyone gets in our way and tries to stop us?

    Amon: we slaughter them all!

    Kai: but in this situation yes! he turns to the cloaks and glares as his eyes glow bright red slaughter them all!

    both amon and kai charge at the shadows, as the fight begins, kai having already taken out 3 of them in a single kick, biting and ripping of heads...he is impaled in the same wound that his sister Annabelle had stabbed him years ago...he grits his teeth to numb the pain and he continues to kill as many as he can to create an open...he stretches his arm out as his axe comes flying back to him and he swings, cleaving all of them, he turns to check on amon as amon uses his superior agility to best of them and evades with absolute precision

    Amon: dad there's too many!! i can't land a hit! they're faster than me! he begins to get kai notices this...he is impaled his leg and kai turns...straightening his hand like a sword and cleaving the shadow cloaks that surrounded him and he charges towards Amon....grabbing him and flying off...the shadow cloaks chase them....through the mountains...through the trees and through the sky....amon clinging onto his father, closing his eyes tight says nothing...trusting in his father as he believes his father to be the strongest there is

    Kai flying as fast as he could, pushing past Mach 25 which is Re-entry speeds...the shadow cloaks begin to catch up....their dark like arms spew out black chains with white rune like encryption, kai looks back for a second and evades to the left....then to right before looking up at the sky "Amon take in as much air as you can! we're going up!"

    Amon: nodded and took a really deep breath and closed his eyes

    Kai spun in the air like a drill and shot up...almost catching fire.....he flew up and the shadow cloaks followed....kai flew so fast and high his speed began to obliterated the clouds as he seemed to be flying much faster than before.....he shot up into the stratosphere then straight into space...before slowing down and turning back to find the cloaks all fall....falling like flies....kai shakes his head and his eyes glow brighter than before as he shoots down back down...right through the shadow cloaks....destroying a satellite leaving only a white he soars he enters the atmosphere he lets out a he crashes into the ground created an explosion that rivalled a megaton nuke....the forest was absolute destroyed....the city that was beside it...was destroyed...though lucky for kai it had been an empty old city with it's inhabitants having suffered a plague that wiped them all out....the flames rose high as Kai emerged, holding his sword tight, both of them coated with his aura to avoid the damage and amon opened his eyes

    Amon: d-did we win? he looks around at the flames

    Kai: kai smiled yeah....we one kissed his forehead and laughs

    Amon: ewww no dad! laughs

    but then chains filled the sky and kai reacted instantly, leaping to the side and flipping back before some more black chains pierced through his right shoulder and hooked onto him....he screamed and accidentally let go of amon....amon screamed as black from the sky pierced his body and dragged him away...kai screamed for his son...before being knocked out by a surviving shadow cloak....

    a month

    he had woken up....inside a cell with chains around his wrists and cell, he looked around feeling a little shaky at first, seemed as if he had been drugged...he looked around and broke off the chains....he tried to break open the cell but it was protected by a barrier....then someone suddenly old creepy deformed cackled and glared at kai

    Dwarf: o-oh don't worry! don't worry you're not getting out! we need you so just sit tight shall we? hehehehehehe he cackled and kai grabbed his little chubby throat

    Kai: listen here you deformed chubby fuck! his iris's were bright red with rage son!?


    Dwarf: ack...ack!!! the little o-one with the n-nice shape he begins to laugh as it drools and ejaculates spontaneously as he shivers he's b-being offered! hehe...yh yh yeaaaah! offered!! why? because it's for you!! hahahahahaha YOU'RE IT'S HOST!!

    Kai: what? what are you talking about!?

    Dwarf: haven't you figured it out yet> hehehe...your parents died protecting you from it....they didn't want to believe it.....your sister hated you because she blamed you for their deaths and so she was consumed by could grant her one dream...which was your death...but she failed and now it's here...the darkness is take it's rightful air.....YOU! KAI YONRO...AND YOUR SON...IS IT'S FIRST OFFERING...HEHEHEHEHEEH!!

    Kai: in disgust and pure anger...his eyes widen and with a gesture...a flick of the wrist...he snaps the dwarves neck...and his shouts in rage....pulling his hand back in the cell and begins to punch the wall

    in the meantime....out in the a stone table and pillar....over a million dark shadow cloaks surround the pillow as Amon is being lowered on it...alive and screaming as he's been put in a trance that allows him to see his worst nightmare...he screamed and shakes his head violently....the head priest of this dark cult begins to chant

    Priest: om shi dayon! OM SHIA DAY YON!!! MAYOLOTHEP!! NYARLATHOTEP!! MIF TER YA YOOOOOORRRR KAL LUT TEEEP! MAD JU KAITORE NEE!! the chant is spread across to all the dark cloaks as they speak in eldritch tongue...their voices sounding like droplets of water....suddenly the sky grows dark as a dark hand forms from a portal made in the descends large a city...the hand descends and the dark shadow cloaks along with their preist begin to exclaim....their scream and shriek... as the hand sends out small black tendrils racing towards amon....some entering his eyes...his nose and mouth as the young boy screams...he screams

    back in the shell....with a blooded fist....kai punches and punches....before hearing his son scream he starts to panic and punches even more, aura surrounding his fist as he gains more power before finally shattering the wall itself....he leaps out into the yard...only to find his son being consumed by this shadow....his eyes water as he runs, runs as fast as he can and he leaps....grabbing amon and ripping him off the the hand takes kai and drags him back into the portal

    the hand dragged kai into the darkness and he screamed...images flashed before his eyes.....he saw everything and nothing...his wife...his son...but all in different timelines...all in different lives...but there was one common factor he every single timeline...every single reality that held a version of himself....the one factor they all shared...was that from the moment of was predetermined that would be the host of this darkness....he screamed at the reality of it...but then all went silence....something inside him burned as he began to reject it...he rejected it all and began to curse the darkness

    Kai: NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE! WHERE YOU GO! I WILL KILL EXTINGUISH YOU!!!! then suddenly in a flash of light...a white hand began to appear in the void and grabbed him...pulling him into the light....kai was in shock...the hand appeared out of thin air....he then appeared back by the cell where he was and blinked "what?! what the hell just happened!? what was that!!!!?" he looked around and leaped find his son standing...and his tears began to flow....amon...son you're's here...he suddenly heard growling....kai's eyes began to sadden as he began to cry silent not again...amon had been taken over by the dark void.....just as his wife did a month ago....kai relaxed his shoulders...prepared for his his son possessed son....charge at him and stabbed him with his hand right through the abdomen....kai felt numb as he felt to the ground, holding onto his son.....he smiled up at the sky

    Kai: he coughed up blood "Violet.....i tried.....i really tried..." he begins to cry as he takes a hold of his son's neck....looking into his eyes as his tears fall "i will always love you...always amon...remember that" he looks him in the eyes and amon roars! kai.....snaps his neck...and impaling his hand through amon's chest...taking his heart out.....kai's eyes widen...staring at the air...his eyes fall yet he makes no noise.....he felt weak....he sat there for hours and hours...holding his dead son before night fell.....

    standing over a burial...with a sword stabbed into the ground...kai bows and wipes his tears....before he heads off....
    months would go by as kai learned fought off the hungry darkness...the void that needed a host...he learnt every form of rune magic...having learnt from deities...even to point of slaughtering the gods he learnt them from....kai's mind had fallen to despair...but despair for the darkness that had taken his entire family.....he was alone and angry....he killed and killed...learning all he could, gained more power....harnessed the deepest roots of his life energy...slaughtered villages and cities that practised witch craft...killed them all...learnt all forms of sciences....ending up building himself a time travel belt that would only allow him to covert his body into a single soul shard...and be sent to a time like of his choosing....and so he vowed to wipe out the problem....and the problem in every timeline...was himself.....he leaped from timeline to timeline...killing every version of himself...some right in the womb of the mothers he would be born from...some as versions of himself as an adult...he had lost his mind it came with a kill the host of the darkness...his final stop...was shown...the strongest version of all kai's had existed as the child of two all powerful was this this timeline....kai needed a host...he only had one trip left and in order to preserve his energies...he needed a host that could contain him and was compatible and so he searched...until he found this timelines version of his son.....he leaped in his attempt to enter the timeline but though successful? he is now trapped....