Letting my mind run

  • You know, these things always often start slow because i never know where my mind is going go, so i'm just going to take it as if i'm talking to someone

    I never understand how there are always two extremes, like there is only one or the other. Funny i say considering how my stance is but it's never concrete it is? How are we Humans so sure of our indifference to the world in which we live in, that we'd actively seek out the things that would confirm this indifference...ever wondered that? Why are all aliens so much smarter than us? so much more intune with universe than we are? as if we're looking for them to say "Nah...you've been the aliens this entire time!" Would that make us feel more...more important? nah wrong choice of words but...would it? Make us understand ourselves a bit better? Like doesn't it baffle you? How is there 100% certainty? and I know this is like a slap in the face considering what i talked about regarding uncertainty but that's just it! it's that feeling of the hypocritical and paradoxial nature i'm trying to target, the paradox of being sure is ultimate being unsure. because being sure is like faith....well faith as i see it, people CLING onto faith as their truth...well...how do you know it's true? it's like being sure of something, how do you know that what you're sure of is ultimately a lie? the wrong thing? Faith in it's term is to let go....like that trust game? where you let yourself fall and if you trust said friend, they'll catch you right? yeah...but people CLING onto faith, the only time you cling onto something is if you're afraid of letting it go...if you're afraid it'll leave or not be what you think it is, or in many cases, you're afraid to fall so you CLING onto something or Someone. Interesting thought...it runs through my mind a lot...Like i have a few friends who speak like poets gave them the tongue of the devil and let them to pioneer what words were...No lie, their silver tongues could move mountains and make skies sing, brings me back to the whole Hindu cosmology, in the beginning there was "Om" the primordial sound...the vibration....have you ever tried to say om? Lol nah seriously, it's like the most basic thing to say but you can feel the vibration in your throat...it's quite odd and then you wonder...HOW DID ANYONE THINK OF THAT? right? Like how? where did the idea come from and how were they so sure? It's like people love to be realists...which makes me laugh XD because if you were to ask someone what real is, they would be like 

    "Oh the floor is real, the ground is tangible, you can grab it" and they'd make it THEIR DUTY! to list ALL the things that they believe to be real XD just to validate themselves and yet what they don't realise is that by validating...or trying to, they're ultimate stepping away from the true purpose which is...being real, because being real doesn't have a definition, by definition the definiton itself is wrong. Going by the thought that we can SEE what real is. it's funny XD that we can touch what REAL is, Most people don't even know that solidity is also a lie, you think the things you touch are solid? no, atoms are tiny bubbles of energy made of sub atoms which are...even more bubbles of energy, the electrons, the protons...you observe into what those are...even MORE bubbles of energy...makes you wonder why every character in comics with energy manipulation is so goddamn power XD well i guess now you know and yet i guarantee someone will come to me trying to correct me...as if their logic is the BE ALL AND END ALL OF ALL THINGS. such is their word as the alpha and omega right? 

    Make no mistake i know nothing, these are my thoughts running, like we contradict ourselves all the time, every single day we do it, without even realizing, because out subconscious figures out the answers to our questions all the time, our conscious just takes a little time to catch up, that's what i think...like the theory of higher dimensions and how one can transverse them if reaching the Augoedies, aleister crowleys whole "Body of light" I kinda take it as the concept of the "Atman" the soul...interesting because they're said to exist within us and yet intune with all that is, such is like the mountain and the valley, are inseaparable...I don't know where my train of thought is leading...often just crashes and spurs into randomness. Like how people are so actively looking for death, like this is an odd topic and i'm definitely going to get backlash but why do we stop people from commiting suicide when the entire world actively seeks death? we say things like "I'd be better off to die" or "Fuck this life" you know? I mean by definition of face value and visualation, dying does NOT look like a good thing. it's scary, for someone to die is the absence of life, right? You can normally tell when a person is asleep by the light and faint rise and fall of their chest, you can tell said person is breathing but...death? isn't...like people actually try to give death a meaning...a thing. By etymology of what we have percieve death is like darkness....simply isn't yet we go on like it is something...*scratches my head* so why is it so scary? why are so many people afraid to die? you'd think for a race that wants answers death is the quickest route, right? it's like the whole "The grass is always greener on the other side" like have you ever realized that the people on the greener grass never come back? XD think about it, they never come back..heck! they never even look back, YOU NEVER SEE THOSE PEOPLE AGAIN...I mean the grass is greener, why would they ever come back?! like fuck their dirty grass and wet mud..ew...this place over here tho? this is the shit we've been looking for but nooooo the social canvas and impenetrable dome of justice and emotional security prevents me from speaking about such things....like don't get me wrong, it's not like I WANT to die...neither do I DON'T want to die...i'm just kinda indifferent about it because sure giving meaning is the HUMAN way, like how we give meaning to life...make it seem like time is our only competitor


    I laugh at that...because I often think the same but just...think about it for a second...when you truly TRULY think about it...there is no such thing as TIME. like there is no past or future...there is NOW. the ETERNAL NOW. Just let it sink i mean...it's a little hard to grasp but you can't go back to 5 mins ago because 5 mins ago doesn't exist...there is now. the now keeps on going? there is no future because the future ISN'T. if you were to become in tune with nature like the whole "self proclaimed enlightened monks" they've got it twisted...believing they're following some path...they're all fucked because essentially despite saying it? they don't believe it...time is only measured by the amount of TIME we give ourselves based on when people die...it's like an algorithm...It's construct...it's currency...YES THAT'S IT! XD i've been trying to find a way to describe it but yeah it's like money! it has no meaning or value accept the value we give it....because....stop for a moment and see how everything else just stops. everything around you...unless you're outside of course >.> but just kinda stop.....don't think about anything and everything just kinda freezes...everything seems so irrelevant....you're in the state of breathing out...or other words "Nirvana" to exhale..to let go, you're always told to take deep breaths whenever you're anxious or upset...why? because it releases tension...clears our mind...enters ...a state...of NOTHINGNESS! YOU SEE AND THE MONKS ARE ACTIVELY TRYING TO SAY 

    "NAH BRO WE GOT HERE FIRST!" bitch shut up, we can all do it!...well okay the monks don't say that >.> heck infact...they advocate it to the rest of us XD They really do but we're caught in this...net. Like dimensions...WHO THOUGHT OF DIMENSIONS? well you could go onto the say the list of mathematicians...such as Pythagoras, euclid, einstein, da Vinci, Omari and Henri whats his name -_- and you could even credit that 300 year period NO BODY talks about when in the most islamic state of the world at the time Bagdhad! became the center of mathematics...like 800-1100...their algebra was born and all the other kinds of math we hate -_- well i hated it anyway but essentially...you could go even further back because i'm sure i've missed something and I know full well!! that within a matter of seconds...i'll find a way to counter everything i've just said...like i do it a lot, i could re-write this entire thing and it'd read totally different to what you're seeing now but such is the mind right? like how i was saying to My esse the other day XD Yesh you know it's you XD

    like how do we quantify intelligence? Because i don't know about you but did you know that dolphins can almost communicate like we do? heck they understand us to a degree and YET there is not a single humans being..(I mean shit if you're that human being, PLEASE MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN) but there is not one who can speak dolphin and we're the smart ones...like someone will probably shut me down but that's whole point of this is...HOW DO YOU KNOW?! how can YOU be so sure that it's wrong? at the same time how am i so sure it's right?...tbh fuck knows *shrugs* yeah i'm coming up blank now.....

    hmmm...My mind is just blergh now... -_-

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    Natsu はい
    May 19, 2017
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    Perfectly Psychotic I Will be honest I skimmed most of it, but let's just say my mind is blow...mainly because I have thought about these things but didn't think others ever really thought about it either. To be fair though most mortals don't think beyond the things they see
    October 29, 2017