• it's sad to think that people are afraid
    like point to 5 mins ago
    you can't can you?
    Point to tomorrow or the next hour
    you can't
    point to now
    now could have been 5 mins
    if i asked you the same question
    if i ask the question tomorrow then now is tomorrow
    the past ISN'T and neither is the future
    neither exists
    the only thing that does 
    is now
    The now that goes on for eternity
    till the end
    It's hard to grasp...even for me
    But once we do? I feel like everything will be in perspective
    the true perspective
    that there is no perspective
    everything...just Is
    and everything exists in the now
    Like it makes you wonder
    if that's the case
    what are people are afraid of?
    because the future doesn't exist
    neither does the past
    So are people just afraid...of nothing?
    How is that so?
    how are our minds so trapped
    because essentially...there is nothing to be afraid of
    but then you could say
    I'm afraid of a lot of things. A lot of things... I wrote about fear didn't I? How it can either guide you or destroy you. Decisions.. Denial.. Death.. Losing self... What crosses your mind when you think about fear? Just fear in general?
    Honestly? I don't know. Yeah its all the above accept death
's stupid
    because I have control
    why am i afraid
    of things i have control over
    doesn't make sense? 
    fear can't guide me
    unless i let it
    yet for some reason
    we do
    it baffles me
    because it's pretty much say
    we have absolute zero control
    over our bodies
    or our emotions
    when it's our bodies
    how is that so?
    how is it that we living this life
    without zero control over what  we do?
    so basically
    everything we've done has been random and accidently and control by something else
    because we just didn't have control
    and before the whole
    "But some emotions are stronger"
    not they're not
    all emotions are equal
    we allow
    ones to grow stronger
    for reasons we don't even know and it's stupid
    it baffles me
    "Think about smaller fears, look closer"
    But thats what i;m getting at
    how do we fear things we can control?
    especially when pertaining to ourselves
    like fear of failure
    failure of what?
    how do you fail unless you allow yourself to fail?
    but then
    the argument could be
    that "You've tried all you can"
    Just that "Really" will shut down the argument
    because they know they haven't
    it baffles me
    because i do the same thing
    and it pisses me off
    because On's so trivial
    Because we shouldn't be afraid
    we know what we're afraid of is nothing
    and yet we are
    despite knowing the solutions
    we still do the same mistakes
    as if we were possessed
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    Perfectly Psychotic I believe you shouldn't let emotions guide you to your choices because they won't always lead to the right one, but...emotions are a strange thing because they are what make us "human" . If emotions are what make us do thing we shouldn't then...  more
    October 29, 2017