Anime Review: AnoHana (No Spoilers)

  • So this is my first Anime Review and it is about the first anime I ever watched; AnoHana!

    This blog entry doesn't contain any spoilers. No worries!

    Are you thinking of watching AnoHana: The Flower We Saw That Day?
    This review will help you understand if it's an anime you should watch!~

    In my opinion, AnoHana is a pretty good anime. The animation is pretty good and the plot keeps you interested until the end.
    It is pretty sad though.
    If you dislike sad anime, I suggest you don't watch it.
    It's also not the ideal anime to be your first one. You should watch it after you've got used to watching anime.

    Other Information:

    AnoHana has 11 episodes and a movie.
    AnoHana is mostly a romance anime.
    The opening and ending songs are wonderful and will be stuck on your mind forever.

    My personal age rating is PG-13. Because even though I don't actually believe you ask your parents to watch anime, if you are under 13 years old this anime may hurt you.

    My rating is 4,5 Stars. That was a great anime.~


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