A Demon Girl in Nazi Germany Part 1

  • Mia Masters Born April 30th, 1928

    Mia was born in America in 1928 by her demonic Mother & Human father, who decided in August 1929 to move to Germany for a change of scenrey. Their first day there was a wild one as Mia's mother & father encountered the Nazi Party or at the time The National Socialist party in a beer haul & saw the Fuhrer himself Adolf Hitler giving a motivational speech to his followers as they cheered for him "HITLER HITLER HITLER" Mia's parents were amazed by the loyality & trust the 120 German people in the beer haul had in Adolf. So after the meeting was over they had gone up to Hitler asking "What was that speech about Mister?..." "Hitler... Adolf Hitler... but please refer to me as Fuhrer.." he kissed the mothers hand in a sign of respect. & she had replied with "Why yes of course My Fuhrer.. but please tell us.. what was that speech about?" he responded with "A speech.. that will encourage the people of Germany... to rise up! And take back what was taken from us after the war 10 years ago..." she says to him "I see... yes I remember Germany & Austria Hungary lost the war & got their land taken away Austria got split into many new countries.. very unfair.." he says to her "Yes it was.. & to think I once followed orders from the so called German government... they surrendered when we were inches away from capturing France.. they disgust me..." Hitler & Mia's parents discussed things for a while until he finally notices Mia in her fathers arms "And who is this little one?" he says with a smile & the father replies "Our pride & enjoy my Fuhrer.." "I see I see.. what an adorable little girl you have... the mother replies with "Thank you" "Well I'm sorry to end our little chat but.. I have more speeches to do elsewhere.. farewell"  Hitler leaves & Mia's parents leave so after to their hotel in Munich Germany unpacking as Mia's is now asleep in her new crib her Mother cannot stop thinking about how great the speech was & talks about to her husband before they went to sleep. "Do you really think the Fuhrer can make Germany great again?" she asked her husband who says "Anything's possible my dear.. now rest.. we have a big day tomorrow.." They fall alseep awaiting the next day to come..