A Demon Girl in Nazi Germany Part 2

  • Munich Germany/ August 19th, 1929

    A day after arriving in Germany, Mia's parents check out of the hotel in Munich Germany to go on a train that goes to Seelow Heights which is about 2,047 miles from the German Capital of Berlin for a meeting that Hitler had invited too. It takes 4 hours to reach Seelow & once there they look around to what is mostly all farm land & is very hot during the summer. They are greeted by members of the Nazi party, & taken too a town when it seems more civilized & they are lead into a building where they are welcomed by atleast 200 National Socialist in one room as where Hitler is on the Stand & notices them saying "Ah you came! It's so wonderful to know that the both of you could come on such sort notice haha"

    Mother replied "We wouldn't miss it for the world My Fuhrer..." he then sees Mia again in her fathers arms & ask "Aren't mother's usually suppose to carry their young?" "In America it can be either way" "I see.. well let's get on with this meeting shall we?"

    Hitler then goes on about Germany's treatment after World War I or as it was called back then, "The Great War" & told truth that the German people are trapped in the remnants of what used to be Austria-Hungary now split into 4 different countries controlled by the Allied Powers known as France & Great Britian. But then he began talking about the corrupt government in Germany in how it's the Jews fault Germany surrendered back in 1918. He kept ranting about how the Jews should be exiled from anything known to the German name & never to be seen again. Fasinated by this Mia's parents think about joining the Nazi Party so after the meeting is done they go up o Adolf & ask him to join. Shocked by how fast they asked him he takes a moment & then accept them into the Nazi Party. 9 days later August 28th, 1929 Mia's parents first day as members of the Nazi party are going well as they salute him & start working for him to become the President of Berlin as he is been running for that position for the passed 5 years now.


    4 years later

    On March 23rd, 1933 Adolf Hitler becomes President of Berlin & ruler of all Germany. The Nazi party & others cheer him in incredible fashion including Mia's parents with now a 4 year old Mia seeing the German people aplaud The Fuhrer & chant "SIEG HEIL SIEG HEIL SIEG HEIL!" across the Berlin border. She is young & confused so she follows them in the chant "SIEG HEIL SIEG HEIL SIEG HEIL SIEG HEIL!"