A Demon Girl in Nazi Germany Part 3

  • April 20th, 1936

    3 years later after Hitler becomes President of Germany, the new laws are in affect as he demands the Jews businesses be destroyed & shutdown & by this time Hitler orders that it's time to reclaim what's ours as in March of this year he had sent troops into The Rhinelands which was former German territory stripped from Germany after the World War I. The Invasion was a success as France offered no resistance to defend the Rhinelands from the German forces & was now reclaimed as German territory. A month later in The Reichstag Hitler has a celebration of his 47th birthday, with his advisors including Mia's parents who have left Mia with a sitter back in their newly bought Mansion where a now 8 year old Mia runs around the house away from the sitter "hehe come catch me Miss Sofia!" "Dammit child get back here! It's time for your bath! I will not have my payment cut again because of you!

    Mia has grown up to be a trouble maker at her young age causing her caretaker to go insane at times but no matter what she does no one can ever stay upset with her. She's always such a lovely girl as her voice sounds sweet & her smile is filled with love. Meanwhile in the Reichstag Mia's parents finish celebrating at the party hosted by the Fuhrer around 2am & walk home very exhasted & enter the house to a outta nowhere type hug from Mia running up to him & she laughs "Hi Mother & Father!" they reply back with "Oh Mia.. it's you.. good evening my darling.." they chat for a bit until putting Mia to bed & then going off to sleep themselves.

    July 29th, 1936

    4 months pass & it's almost time for the summer Olympic Games held in Berlin from August. 01st - August 16th where 49 countries competed to impress The Fuhrer in how athletic his people can be against other countries. Mia & her parents are invited by Hitler to attend the Olympic games & they accept & arrive to the Statium where the Games are being held. 2 days later it's time for the Summer Olympics as Mia & her parents get front row seats to the game. They watch as Germans dominated the Olympics until a black American by the name of Jesse Owens comes out & started to crush the Germans with his incredible speed & long jumps. And by the end of the Olympic games Jesse Owens had won 4 gold medals amazing the crowd to Hitler's surprise. The only ones to not cheer was the Party, Hitler & Mia's parents.

    August 17th, 1936

    1 day after the Olympics Hitler is enraged that a colored American won 4 of Germany's gold medals & his advisors try to calm him down. They fail until Mia's mother calms him down as she says "Shh...shh...My Fuhrer please.. clam yourself.." Her method surprisingly works as he calms down & sits down rubbing his head "A colored American...winning German medals... disgusting.." "Shh.. I know my Fuhrer... I know.."

    She has calmed him down & tells him she & her husband must leave to put their daughter to bed & he allows them & they leave back to their Mansion & puts Mia to bed & Mia asks "Is the Fuhrer upset Momma?.." "No no... he just had a bad day darling.." "Oh...okay.." "Now sleep my dear.." They leave her & go to bed aswell

    (End of Part 3)