A Demon Girl in Nazi Germany Part 4

  •  June 12th, 1937

    The day that Mia's mother passes away to unknown causes... The father is hurting & the Fuhrer is in shock that someone her age died so quickly. Mia only being 9 years old now is crying for her mother is later taken home to rest & relax.. Mia cried & cried nowing her mother was gone for good...

    6 Months Later

    It's nearing christmas & Mia's father is at the Reichstag looking at Maps of Europe & certain areas that Hitler says they must reclaim.. Mia's Father gives The Fuhrer some brilliant ideas & examples that Hitler later uses in invading & occuping Czechoslovakia in March 1938 just 3 months later.

    1 year later

    August 24th, 1939

    Just 8 days before the beginning of World War II  Hitler calls in a meeting at the Reichstag to discuss double crossing the League of Nations whom asked the Fuhrer to stop invading lands. Hitler had lied sayin he'd stop which he never did & on September 01st, 1939 he & Joesph Stalin's troops order them to go straight into Poland & they split 50/50.

    May 10th, 1940

    The War had began... Great Britian & France declared war on Nazi Germany & now German troops begin their March through the Netherlands & Beligum. The Nazi's capture the Netherlands & Belgium & finally make their way into France. June 10th, 1940 Italy declares War on the allied nations 2 weeks later Italy & Germany successfully make France surrender occuping the now Fascist country. Benito Mussolini & Adolf Hitler celebrate their conquering of France while Mia's father has brought her to the Reichstag for the Germans victory in France. She is now 12 years old & has been fully brainwashed into thinking Fascism was the right thing to live by & the only way to live by & she bowed as well as saluted the Fuhrer symbolizing the beginning of Mia's relationship with German Dictator Adolf Hitler