A Demon Girl in Nazi Germany Part 5

  •                                  December 12th, 1940

                                The Hospital Munich, Germany

    7 months after the fall of France & Hitler's failure to Capture The United Kingdom Germany remains gaining territories throughout Europe & new Allies such as Bulgaria, Romania & other small countries. Meanwhile in the hospital of Munich Germany Hitler has asked Mia's father for Mia too join Hitler's Youth & her father agrees but first they bring her to the hospital to see if she is healthy enough & take her blood to test it. 1 hour later the Doctor's find out Mia is more than just human but also half demon & reports it to Hitler whom gets extremely excited & has Mia join the Youth training the basics first.


                                           February 12th, 1941

    As Germany is still at war with Great Britain the Nazi's train groups of the Youth & Mia has passed all the tests & Hitler decides she's ready to be placed in a secret group he's had assembled since 1937.. Squadron 133, composed of 7 members & 1 advisor. These children have special abilities that Hitler has seen first hand & recruited. Mia know joins the team making her the 8th & newest member to the squad. Hitler introduces her & they don't seem to like Mia at first & that's their emotion for awhile...


                                              March 19th, 1941

    Squadron 133 has their weekly test missions done & while one member wasn't paying attention due to a distraction a machine gun fires at her but at the last second Mia spears her out the way saving her life.. The girl's name is Victoria & after that day she was the first on the team to accept Mia into 133 & began talking to her alot which made Mia feel good that she finally made a friend.


                                            April 30th, 1941

    Mia's 13th birthday has come & Hitler, & her father have come to visit & wish her a happy birthday when all of a sudden... Hitler tells everyone that there will be a new member of Group 133... They are confused at this announcement & Hitler signals for someone to come & out comes the 9th & newest member of 133 Rebecca Taylor.. A half demon half human girl as well as Mia. Now in Squadron 133 there is 9 members & 1 advisor...