My fairy tail fanfaction chapter 1

  • It's a bright new day, as fairy Tail Wizard Flash wakes for the coming day, he slowly gets out of bed, he is clumsy in putting on his vest top and baggy trousers, he then spent a while slicking his chestnut hair back into a ponytail while checking his red fairy tail logo on his face right cheek, he then places his headphone around his neck as he left his room.


    He walked downstairs as he slowly wakes himself up, he then sat at the bar next to fellow wizards  Gary and Cana, he turns to Cana in mildly surprise "hey still here, I swear you always at the bar" Cana shrugged. "Not always I need to go on a mission with you and Loki to pay for all this beer”, Flash chuckles and asks her. "Hey, where is Loki, Cana mid jugging down her beer pointed across the room to the Romeo Loki who had a girl for each arm, Flash smiles "I just leave him to it then" Flash turn around and went bright scarlet to see his crush Mira as approach him from the bar, Flash froze as Mira gave him her warm radiant smile and ask him. "aww up are we, what will it be the normal' Flash smiled back happily. "no I'm not hungry, just have a glass of milk pleases" Mira quickly served up the glass of milk then carry on her duties, the love-struck Flash watch on when Grey taps him on the shoulder. "You know you’re never going to get anyway by watching her, you need to ask her out or something" Flash blushes at the thought of asking her out. "NO! I'm no way near ready for that" before another word could be said the guild door was kicked down and a bellowing voice yelled.


    "We made it back alive!" it's Natsu closely followed by his flying blue cat happy, Flash smirk at his brash entrance but then notice a blonde girl with him he didn't recognise, just then Natsu clobbers one of the fairy Tail members and kick off an all-out brawl; Grey strip off his clothes and call out Natsu, Loki even joins in, Flash looks on in amusement, "ha-ha it been less than a few seconds and he already kick thing off that got to be a new record" Cana groaned in irritation. “You know this is why I never date anyone form the guild none of them has any class" Flash chuckle, just then he saw the blonde girl and Mira get caught up the brawl, Flash got up from his seat. "we can't have that now" in flash of magic he teleports to the girl and then teleport them back behind the bar, Mira gratefully thank him, and he introduce himself and his magic to the confused blonde girl, who name turn out to be Lucy Heartfilia, meanwhile the brawl had fired up and as Cana join the fight and emotion got heated.


    But just then a giant of a man jumps down from the guild hall balcony and shouts at the top of his voices, "will you fools stop tearing up the dam guild!" everyone stops dead in fear of the giant man apart from Natsu you laughs at everyone for being babies intel he’s stomp on by the man, Lucy quake in fear of the giant man, Mira is unfazed politely welcomes him as Fairy Tail’s Grand Master Lucy could not believe her eyes "He's the grand master!" the man turn around hearing Lucy's squeaks of fear, all of a sudden the giant man shrank to a pint-size dwarf, who introduce himself as grand master Makarov, He happily welcomes her to the guild poor Lucy is dumbstruck, The elderly man then jumps back up to the guild balcony to address the guild. he banishes a thick stack of paper "you fools have gone and got me in trouble again look how much paperwork the magic council sent me this time, I swear all you good for is getting them mad at me" Markov lets go of his anger and burn the thick stack of paper throwing it away, “however, to hell with them, magic is a wonder thing and if all we do is worry about rules then we never be able we never progress, so don't worry about rules and follow your heart because that what make us are guild number one", Everyone cheer after Markov inspiring speech after a little cleaning up thing went back to normal, Till the son of one of the fairy Tail wizened Macao, named Romeo came running in.


    He asks the grand master sitting at the bar. “master has my father came got back yet" Markov sighed. "look this is getting on my nerves, no he has not return yet, why don't you just got home and wait from him" the stubborn kid continue. “He only went to Mount Haka bay which is not far from here why won't any of you go look for him!" then Markov snaps. “listen your dad is an experiences Fairy Tail wizened, which mean he can look after himself, now go home and wait for him!" Romeo shouts at Markov and runs off, Natsu in anger punch thought the mission’s broad and went after him, he is soon followed by happy and Lucy, Flash gave a worried look to the master." Natsu can look after himself well enough, But I'm not sure about the new girl going to mount haka bay, how about I join them and mark sure nothing goes wrong, Markov gave him his permission and flash, flash off to get a few things.


    Meanwhile, Natsu promise Romeo he would find his father, flash appeared before them and takes Lucy by surprise "Hey guys mind I tag along, I mean mount Haka bay could be dangerous, Flash had a change for some winter gear and offers Lucy a spear fur coat warning her of how cold it was out there, Lucy’s gratefully thanks him for the coat, soon after there are on the cart to mount haka bay during the journey the motion sickness sick is very quiet as near their location Lucy ask flash.


    "So is flash your real name or what" flash shook his head. “Na it’s just a nickname that stuck, my actually name Darvon but flash sound way cooler ha-ha" he then goes on to explain that they’re looking for two people as another wizened named Wakaba is most likely with Macao as they are a team.


    It was not long they had made it to Mount Haka bay, Lucy is soon shocked by the raging blizzard that has overtaken the mount even Flash fur coat could hold back the cold, Lucy moaned " I knew you said it's cold here but this is overkill, just then Lucy came up with an idea "wait a sec I just remember" Lucy pulls out her magic gate keys and calls for her magic clock Horologium which took her safely inside itself where it's much warmer, Happy and Natsu are very impressed with the tricky but could not hear a thing she said just then the clock spoke out for her.


    "What kind of crazy job would cause Wakaba and Macao be up here for” Natsu rolls his eyes. "you should of ask that before we got here, he went up here in search of monster that was terrorising the area" Lucy's heart skips a beat on hearing the word monster’s, Flash reassure her. "if there any monster's still up here we be more than able to handle it" Natsu and happy began to rush ahead, just as the flash is going to call out to them when Almighty troll comes crashing down upon them, Sending Natsu flying over the mountain side, Happy flew over to catch him, The troll comes rushing toward Flash who is caught off guard and couldn't move in fear of the beast, he is smash into the mountainside and is knock unconscious.

    He is soon woken up by Natsu who shaking him furiously, 'Damn ok ok I'm up" happy explain that after he was knock out, the overgrown troll kidnap Lucy, the three of them rush off to save Lucy following the deep track of troll.


    Meanwhile Lucy who had pass out in fear and awaken, she is trap in the troll’s cave, the clock she was safely in had disappeared, she looks to her left to see a two older man layout batter and bruise she saw a black fairy tail symbol on right hand on one of them, she realizes this must be Macao and Wakaba, "wow poor guys been in the wars he barely conscious" just then the ground began to shake and the troll made it way over to them "ha-ha which should I eat first man or women”


    Lucy jump to her feet she is not going to be some troll meal she pulls out one of her gate keys and calls for Taurus a giant muscle bull that wields a great axe Lucy shout out to the bull, “Taurus get rid of this beast" the bull nodded. “anything for you miss Lucy" the troll is unimpressed. "Ha-ha overgrow cow" steam shot from the bull. "OH them fighting words I'm going to kick your ass flying" the rage full bull changes forward to the troll bring his great axe down upon the troll. Too quick for him, the troll dodges the hit and whacks him flying knocking the axe from his hand as he was caught off balance, Taurus jump to his feet and wrestles the beast back and fore as they prove an even match of strength, Lucy eagerly watch on cheering Taurus on as he battles the troll, Taurus with all his might cobblers the troll flying across the cave and charged towards him, just then the troll  picks up the cow great axe and smash him with it, The mighty blow had Taurus down and out shot of fear shout thought Lucy, the troll charged toward her and Taurus, when out of nowhere.

    Flash and Natsu appears in a flash of magic, Natsu with a fist’s full of fire jumps up clobbers the troll back, Natsu and happy look in shock of the giant axe. "where in the hell did that come from!", Lucy overjoyed to see her friend grab her gate key sent Taurus back through his gate the axe disappears with him; he wishes Lucy good luck before disappearing, as flash made sure of Lucy is safe the troll screamed “more of you, dammit I crush you all"


    Natsu grits his teeth in angry as he looks around to see Macao and Wakaba and how batter they are "alright ugly listen up, everyone in fairy Tail is my friend Macao, Wakaba, Gary, Cana, Makarov, Mira even Flash and Lucy, and when you mess with my friends, you get your ass kicked!!!”, Flash begins to move Lucy, Macao and Wakaba out the way, Natsu goes right for the troll with his fists of fire alight with fury, the troll counter charged, The troll heavy hitting blows prove to slow as the agile Natsu is easily able to dodge them, again and again, Flash was able to quickly put everyone a safe distance away, rush back over and look began to survey the cave and notice whole in the cave wall.


    Then back with Natsu, he mock "ha-ha your way to slow, just give up now" the troll shook with rage and stomp the ground with such power that he began to shake the cave, Natsu lost his balances and was smash flying into the ice wall, before he could take advantage flash teleported before him sent an array of magic blast towards the troll, Flash shout to Natsu "hey you fired up, need your full power now" Natsu smirk and risen to his feet. “I'm always fired up” Flash in full speed charges toward the beast, the beast went to smack him down, but he flashes away to safety then Natsu then screamed, "Fire Dragon roar!!" a powerful blast of fire sent the overgrown troll flying out the whole in the cave and down the steep mountain side.


    Natsu and Flash then rush over to the others, "Lucy cheer for them as they made their way back over "Wow guys that were awesome I wish I could fight as good as you to", Flash chuckle. " keep training and I'm sure you be just as good as us" Natsu patted Lucy on the back. "Yeah you really show some gut to stand up to that thing keep that up" Lucy joyfully smiled and blush happy who was keep eyes on Macao and Wakaba ask them. "wait is that thing dead or not" Flash shrugged. "Don't know probably best we get out of here" all of them then made their way down the mountain walked back to magnolia on the way Macao and Wakaba found the strength to get up, Natsu and Lucy help them both up slowly Wakaba groaned. "Dammit feel like I been hit with a sledgehammer", Happy ask "what happen to you guys" Macao explain.  well it took a while to find the trolls but when we got to them when they ambush, anyway we managed to get 19 of them but with how much effort it took to take care of the first 19, but the last and biggest one got us", Lucy could not believe her ears they took 19 of them these guys were on a whole new level, they managed to get Macao to his overjoy son who could thank them enough all of them then made their way back to the guild to enjoy a great night celebrating.