My story

  • It’s midnight the air is filled with smoke and flame, sounds of death reverberate through every sword and axe. The stench of Death hangs in the air like a thick fog. A young man runs through the battle he could taste the ash burning down the nearby dwellings, it stung his throat and burnt his nostrils.  In a  village full of shouts and screams, he is only wanting to hear one voice, only one,wanting to see one face, and soon he would find her, he prayed. He is  to late he watches in disbelief as she hit the floor tired and lifeless, this young man is named Baldwin and the women elizabeth this is their story.


    We shall go back to the beginning of their tale, we begin in a encampment of outlaws/bandits where our scarlet haired elizabeth is prisoner, her body been beaten up ,bruised and used, But still there is a raging fire inside she longs for revenge. All around the encampment shadowy figures lurk, hidden in green hooded cloaks, one of these figure lays on treetop overlooking the encampment.


    His hawkeyes overlook the encampment he confirms his targets before jumping his way back down the tree, these are the ranges of the woods and order of volteer made and trained to protect and serve the people of these green land, and once more they are on the hunt, as the ranger makes his way down to solid ground someone calls out to him as quiet as a mouse, “Richard is this them” a female figure hooded and cloak comes from the brushes, richard nodded “your leaded the raid, I look for the prisoner, begin the attack when i give the signal” the female figure nodded and disappeared into the night. Richard quickly began searching the woods for their patrols, but few minutes later found one better. A shray bandit taking relieving himself on a tree. Richard creep quietly removing a dagger from his boot, his heart began pound in rush of adrenalin, the bandit turn, quick as lightning he pounced. The man is dead before he knew what hit him, richard removed his hooded cloak and light armor and got changed into the bandits ragged cloths and place his light armor back on; he then hide his cloths and the rest of equipment for later apart from the longsword that he took with him.


    Meanwhile back in the bandit's camp,elizabeth lay on the cold hard floor then she heard someone approach, she is relieved to see Baldwin unlike her other capturers he is kind to her, he seem really out of place with scum like this, she slowly made her way to him and flicker a smile to baldwin handed over a small sack of food and gave her a friendly pat on the back “Eat up quick, before they come back”  elizabeth wolf down the food, it been ages since her last meal, just then the door burst open, baldwin shot up in terror.


    It’s and half orc bandit who towered above baldwin, he bellowed “Ha I knew it,  you traitorous bastard how dare you!” baldwin try to reason with him but the over grow orc smack him flying with one blow,the orc hit again and again,he shouted at him ”after all we done for you” just then elizabeth barked. “Get the hell away from him” the orc grunted in irritation and turn to her pulling out the keys to her cell, elizabeth risen up to her feet, it took all her strength. Elizabeth pumped up herself up into a rage. The orc open up the cell and is greeted by elizabeth rage fill fist, the beastly half orc grunts in pain and catches her arm and throw her on the floor” ha-ha you clearly have not learn your place yet.” baldwin got to his knees but could not draw to courage to attack the orc despite all his in morals telling to help the women he frozen just then the door burst open and a pair of bodies hit the floor, baldwin heart is about to burst in fear.