Drama Diaries 1

  • Gemma nodded her head to the beat as she tossed two striped belly tops into her pink suitcase. The sun was blazing, sending bright beams of light into her bedroom. Her mum had told her yesterday that they were going on holiday, but hadn't been told where yet. It was a 'surprise'. Gemma wished her mum would stop acting like she was still five, giving her things like surprises and frilly pink suitcases. At Least her BFFs Jenny and Jazz gave her hot clothes and awesome games for her new Xbox for her birthday. Lately, Jazz had given her an iPod. Sure, it was an iPod Micro, so there was no internet or apps, but she loved all the musicshe had been able to buy with her birthday money. A bleep sounding from her phone snapped her out of her train of thought. When she turned it on, a text from Jazz was left for her.

    Jazz: Hey! I'm free this afternoon 2 go 2 the Mall, if ur Mum don't mind driving us there.

    Gem: Awesome! Ok, I'll be there.

    Jazz: C u later, then

    Gemma smiled. Jazz was forever inviting her out to the mall. She threw in some denim shorts, and skipped downstairs and into the kitchen. "Mmm, Mum, what's for lunch?" She asked cheerily...