• From high in heaven do we watch the earths and from
    the Skylight do we grant the will of
    man for they will stand once again out of the ashes.
    I Will Decide the Fate of Servlaź—Unknown
    I searched for a goal that would define my blood to its rightful place. And now I've found it. I
    wish for the blessing of my mother. Up above in the Skylight does she witness
    my commitment for my founded ambition—dominion. I will live up to her idea of empyrean conquest. Servlaź will be cradled in the palms of my hands. Let the tools of the Terracs assist me in flawless ascendancy. I will guide this race into a new arcadia and provide them with a new concept of thriving. With my guidance, I will enlighten the people to understand what it is they wish to fight for. And there will be no place for the purely sinful. No one will drive me abroad from my destination. The former structure of their society will dissipate at my command. This planet will be bent to my pleasure. I will decide the fate of Servlaź.
    It's Human Nature—Otani
    Professor Otani Hideki. Some of the students call me Hyde, which I believe is based from some vague sitcom but I wouldn't really know for sure. Either way, it isn't a nickname I like all too much but there's nothing I can do about it. I teach Governance and Public Policy at the University of Heopnar in the United Prefectures of Western Servlaź. Though, it was only identified as that ever since the Panic in the former land of Old Trialyson three years ago. It was located far east beyond the Trial-Gulf sea that spread nearly 49.63 million miles. The only connection between us and Old Trialyson is the Ujiah Peninsula that is currently being protected by Servlaź' United Nations Federation National Guard. Until they are able to swim, we are out of harm's way. It does bother me though. The thought of survivors struggling over there with them. I want to do something to get them out of there but I don't have any connections to help me achieve that. I'm stuck here with my studies. If I were a doctor, I could find a cure or antidote or something to work in our favor.
    [Prefectural Public Radio] ...after the recent information provided by the RCI, they have claimed responsibility for the pandemic that has taken over the southern states and bioregions of Old Trialyson. Survivors from the OT region have also supported this claim upon their arrival at the Secured Ujiah Peninsula Regional Border (SUPRB) six months ago. A total of 81 survivors were rescued and treated accordingly for safety precautions before dismissing into the Prefectures. Word from some of the survivors stated that they had taken refuge on a massive-scale cruise ship near the docks of Lemurian, where they remained isolated from the infected and surviving on the ship's self-endorsement system and hope. More information will be provided after these messages...
    I turned off the radio and massaged my face, taking long deep breaths. I'm starting to be convinced that this is hell. I leaned back in my chair as far as it could go.
    I leaned back up and turned around in the chair to see third-year Anton holding a tablet and stylus. "What can I help you with?"
    "Do you think I can have you participate in a quick poll for me?"
    "Uh, sure." I took the clipboard and looked at the list of questions. What future do you see yourself in five years? Is the social structure of Servlaź corrupt? Will the world be at ease? What do you think you could've done differently before the Panic? Do you wish for a savior of some kind? Are you willing to do anything to have your most meaningful questions answered?
    I looked up at Anton with a disappointed expression, "Mr. Jukkatiken, what is this?"
    "Well, you see, since the last three years, the people of Servlaź have felt to have lost their quiet lives and fear the worst, day and night. I'm having people with strong convictions answer this poll to see if we can change the way we are struggling now. Surely, you too have been wanting a better solution than what's happening now?" I couldn't deny him. I'm unsatisfied with the way the system works now. The Prefectures have declared martial law just after the Panic started and now curfews have been added. The Prefectural leaders are even treating the social classes unfairly based on wealth and heritage. It's Earth all over again. As much as I would love to change the system, it isn't in the interest of government and they have made the rules very strict. Defiance isn't tolerated. They claim that it's for our own safety and protection and that everything will go back to normal in due time, but I don't believe the horseshit they feed to the people.
    "Mr. Jukkatiken—"
    "Seriously, just call me Anton."
    "...Anton. Your cause is admirable but you need to be very careful what you bring out in public. The authorities aren't exactly speech-friendly and they aren't fond of 'anti-gov' press releases either. They just might exile you or worse." "Change can't be achieved without sacrifice, professor. It's human nature. Considering your field of expertise, you of all people should know that." With that, he took back the tablet and walked off into the corridors. I stared at the open door where he walked out, feeling worried. "Don't do anything crazy..."