Maiden's Haven CH3

  • What Goes Up Must Come Down—Amiliae  


    I made sure the door stayed open while the crew walked inside. The air from outside was sweeping carelessly into the building from the door. I'm starting to wonder if this building has been sealed off intentionally by someone. Probably to block the Rest from getting in, maybe. And if that's the case, it might be possible that there are supplies. Food. Or survivors. If so, they'll most likely be sheltered on the top floors for a safe distance from the Rest and an overlook of the city. And what are the chances that they may have set up a transit system using rope, wires or cords? Pretty clever if you ask me. But I'm probably just indulging too much. 

    I followed behind Arron while glancing around us. The lobby was dusty but still reflective of the light. The wall décor was made of glass and the reception table was made of a variety of marble. 

    Uena slid her finger along the table's counter, revealing the pitch black marble from the surrounding light-grey dust that sat atop it. She looked at me with a blank expression for a second and went behind the desk to skim through any files and folders while Koi checked out the elevators and stairs. 

    I turned to Arron, "Try finding us a map of the tower, would you?" 

    He nodded and began searching. 

    I looked around and spotted something rather gross lying inside the thick carpet of dust near the corner of the lobby. As I looked closer, it appeared to be a perfectly intact...brain? 

    My eyes widened in disgust and covered my mouth as if preventing anything from coming up. I took a step back and heard a click as a coil of wire constricted my leg and shot me into the air to hang. 

    Uena reacted, "Ami!" 

    Other coils of wire rubbed and scraped against the walls as I saw two large desks with mounted nails on opposite sides of me. It was a trap! Was this how I was going to die? 

    In seconds, the desks were released and swung towards me. This was it. 

    All of a sudden, I heard the instant slicing of wire and fell right on top of Uena who ran under to catch me. The desks collided with each other as rust and dust fell from them and fluttered all over the lobby. 

    I couldn't believe at what just happened as I went into shock and cried intensely, grabbing onto Uena's sleeves. I was milliseconds away from meeting death. Why did this happen? Why was it there? I felt very empty in my chest for a moment. Dying is really scary. And in this way of all things. At that moment, I found a new fear in me. And that was death. 

    Just as I was falling into an abyss of my own, Uena's hand was caressing along my head. It was the same motion my dad used to do to cheer me up. 

    I looked up at her and she smiled, "It's okay." 

    Somehow, her eyes glistened more than mine as if I could see my own reflection on them. I've never seen Uena's face like this before. She leaned down and our foreheads met. And it felt like the longest of time that it stayed like that. She held me tight and I felt so secured. 

    “Glad to see you’re okay there,” Koi added, “Looks like those throwing techniques are really working for me, eh?” 

    I looked at him and averted my gaze from him, “Um, thanks for saving me…” It is often hard for me to thank or be thanked but in this situation, I didn’t hesitate. I wiped my eyes and got up with the hand of Uena 

    “Uh,” Arron started, “I found a copy of the building. 

    Uena took a look at the map, “Right. Let’s head up now. That trap might’ve attracted some of them nearby.” 

    We then set off up the stairs. 

    “And keep a close eye out for any other traps.” 


    "We're almost at the top," Arron claimed. 

    Koi sighed, "You said that 20 minutes ago." 

    We had walked nearly 100 stories in a staircase. Uena didn't have any signs of fatigue on her face. How is it this girl can keep so much stamina after a workout like this? I just can't wait to get out of here. I already hate this place. Like they always say—what goes up must come down. 

    Uena notified us, "It's up ahead."