• Prologue


    During the reign of King Avani II, two newborn daughters were destined to sit the throne—the eldest named Perrine and the two-year-younger Ella. Both the king and queen saw a bright future for the girls. However, early years showed supernatural entities that occurred near Ella. Some believed that the girl was cursed and many began to agree. The lives of others were at stake if this continued and the king had no choice but to confine Ella. The princess then escaped confinement to explore the city one night and the king soon found out and went after her. After the king had caught Ella on the Great Vallia Bridge, the evil, wretched Elemental Witch confronted the king and his daughter. She then blew up the bridge where the king was and he had fallen to his death. The princess was never found—lost. To this day, Queen Perrine Avani claims the throne and watches over her people of Pranallia and continuing efforts to find her lost sister. 

                 —Legend of the Great Vallia Tragedy, Rumors of the People 




    At the Parella Aiport in ParvocellaEdeia, a guide was standing patiently near the exits where travelers were leaving the transport ships. He held up a small sign that read Raul Leonardo, waiting for such a person to arrive. Soon, a young man with highlights appeared within the crowd of passengers. He saw the guide who held up the sign and approached him. 

    “It’s good to meet you, Gerard,” Raul greeted as he shook Gerard’s hand. 

    “As to you, Mr. Leonardo.” 

    “Please. You can just call me Raul.” 


    Raul walked with Gerard to the entrance doors of the airport and out to a prepared car. His eyes wandered about his surroundings, “So, Gerard.” 

    “Yes, Raul?” Gerard answered as he began driving towards the Parvocella city. 

    “You were probably not informed but I am here to look for someone.” 

    “And who might that be? Clearly you coming all this way from Cerberus must mean this person is very important.” 

    “In a sense, yes.” Raul checked his phone, “You know about our brigade, right?” 


    “And you know that we seek for new members 24/7?” 


    “Well, that’s why I’m here. I’m trying find a new member for our brigade.” 

    “Who are you looking for?” 

    “Oh,” Raul said, beginning to search his notes on his phone, “I’m looking for a girl named….ah, Ella Avani.” 

    Avani??” Gerard responded with a surprised look, “You mean THE Ella Avani?” 

    “You know of her?” 

    Gerard chuckled, “Well, more like the whole continent knows of her.” 

    “Oh. How is that possible?” 

    Gerard laughed, “Clearly you are a new visitor of New Aevella. The girl you seek is the second daughter of King Avani II. Of course, he died a year and a half ago.” 

    “What happened to him?” 

    “The Elemental Witch killed him.” 

    “Who’s that?” 

    “It’s a long story, my friend.” 

    “I’m stuck here until I find her, Gerard.” 

    The guide laughed, “I thought you might say that.” 

    Gerard then offered Raul a bite to eat and they headed for a local fast food restaurant. They sat down for a meal and ate. After finishing their food, Gerard settled down and locked his hands together and sighed. Raul was listening closely. Gerard told him the Legend of the Great Vallia Tragedy and it immediately sunk into Raul. 

    “To this day,” Gerard continued, “Ella is lost. No one knows where she is, let alone if she’s even alive.” He sipped his drink, “My best bet is that you talk to Queen Perrine Avani over in LaVallianaPranallia. She was the closest person to Ella so she may be able to help you.” 

    “How far is LaValliana from here?” 

    “Um, roughly 279 miles by car. The bullet train services this afternoon are being guided to Pranallia and it would be a 20 minute drive from there.” 

    “Then let’s get tickets for the next departure.” 

    They left the restaurant and headed for the train stations near the center of Parvocella. As they were making their way to the stations, Gerard was a little concerned, “Raul?” 


    “What if the queen doesn’t cooperate? And even if she did, what if Ella isn’t even alive?” 

    Raul rubbed his head, “I don’t know. I probably should’ve brought Elena with me. She would’ve been able to pinpoint Ella’s location. But right now, let’s not think that far ahead.” 

    Gerard understood and continued driving to the stations. Raul thought about what Gerard had said—what if the queen doesn’t comply or, worse, what if Ella is dead?