• Chapter 1: The Boy at The Gate

    It's dark and cold, i can't see anything but i can feel everything. I feel hands, like people carrying me. I smell food, juicy meats and warm bread. I can hear voices all around me. They are mumbling too low for me to make out what's being said. I start to fade out of consciousness when a female voice comes in loud and clear.

    "Father your back! Who’s that boy with you" screams the female voice. A male voice replies "i don’t know, we found him out by the gate. He was already out cold when we found him." There was a sharp gasp and then the Female voice again, this time nervous and low “T-the gate? Do you mean..." Before she could finish the males Voice broke in again, this time more urgent. "Yes that gate! Now hurry and get your mother, the boys wounded pretty badly" At these last words i finally faded into darkness. All i could remember thinking was 'When did I get hurt?'

    I awoke to the sun shining brightly in my eyes, the smell of bread and meat has been replaced with the smell of bacon and eggs. The silence had also been replaced by the sound of people chatting and moving about. I open my eyes and sit up to take in my surrounding. I am in a small room; pictures of people i don’t know hang on the wall. On a nearby table lies an enormous book. I hear the door open and turn my head to get a look. Standing at the doorway is a girl not much younger than i am. She stands at 5"7, just a little short of me and her eyes are big dull green eyes. Her midnight black hair was short and fell out to her shoulder. The complexion of her skin was fair and dark, and the way she carried herself gave her a look of importance. The kind of importance one might expect to find in that of royalty. The girl Wore tight black pants and a tight purple V-neck T-shirt that looked as though it barely fit her. On her left thigh she wore a short sword, while her right sported a dagger. Looking closely I could see just the faintest signs of something hidden running from the inside of her thigh to the outside. As the girl approached i stared out the window, it was all i could do to not stare at the vision of beauty that was walking closer.

    "So you’re finally up? How to you feel?" the girl asks. There was no mistaking her voice; this was the girl I heard talking earlier. For a time i don’t answer then finally i say "fine...."

    The girl takes the seat next to the bed. "I’m Raven, and you are?" I think for a moment, but all i can come up with was "I don’t know"

    Ravin's jaw drops, and i can tell she's holding back a laugh. In a giggling voice she asks "are you serious!?" I feel a lump of sadness swell in my throat as i realized she was right. I knew nothing of my past, who i was, i couldn’t even remember i own name. I continue to stare out of the window, fighting back the tears swelling up. As if she could tell what i was thinking, Ravin stopped laughing immediately. "I’m sorry, i didn’t mean that!" Refusing to acknowledge the apology i ask what i have been wondering since i awoke, "Where am i?"

    "The village of ILESIA, Also known as the 'healer’s village'" This time it wasn’t Ravin who answered, but a male voice had entered the room. Looking towards the door i see i man wearing dull worn armor, his eyes were weary and old. Behind him was the spitting image of Ravin, though this one’s hair was blonde and she wore a long white robe. "Father! Mother! Welcome home!" bouncing up from the seat, Ravin greets her parents. "This is Shin'en" She then turns her attention to me and gave me a look that said 'just go with it' "Shin'en, this is my father and mother. My father was the one who carried you from the gate."

    As if Ravin said something she shouldn’t have, she let out a sharp gasp and looked down towards the ground. "Gate?" i ask. When Ravin doesn’t answer her father steps in. "Yes the gate," he says "the Gate is what we call a giant doorway north of here. As far as anyone in the village can remember it has never been opened. Imagine everyone’s surprise when i boy is found with no trace of how he got there. There’s also..." That’s when Ravin Steps forward and hands me a sheathed sword. "It was on you when my Father found you," She explains "the strange writing on it is the same as the one carved on the gate."

    Without realizing it, I sat the sword across myself and began to unsheathe the blade as i read "Abandon hope all ye who awaken my slumber, and perish into the abyss." Finished reading, i look up to meet Ravin's gaze of shock and awe. "What?" i ask. After a while Ravin starts stuttering wildly and finally asks "you...can read that?" Feeling a sense of confusion i look back down at the sword, and slowly reply "yes i can, is that so weird?" To that question Ravin's father stepped up once again and said "yes it is actually, you see no one has ever been able to read the writing on the gate. To this day what is written there is a mystery."

    After a moment of silence i ask "Maybe i go see this gate?" Ravin's eyes grow wide and she brings our faces so close together that i can feel her soft breath as she ask "you want to go THERE!? To the forbidden gate?" Unable to answer as i stared into Ravin's big green eyes, i just shut my mouth. I kept staring into her eyes, like i was searching for something. What i was searching for inside those big green eyes not even i knew myself. A moment passed by as i stare into her eyes, as if reading my thoughts Ravin broke my gaze backed away blushing. Ravin's mother stepped up and finally spoke, for the first time she said "To go to the gate, you need the permission of the elder. Though i can’t say i see him giving permission to a stranger with an even stranger sword."

    A man rushes through the door in a panic, before anyone could ask what he wanted the man yells "MONSTERS!! MONSTERS ARE ATTACKING THE VILLAGE!!" Next thing i hear is the sound of ravin screaming at the top of her lungs as the man is stab through the chest and tossed aside to reveal a six foot orc with a sword. Without thinking I jump to my feet and grip the sword i was given earlier, but to my surprise it wouldn’t come out of the sheath. I reach for the closest thing to use as i weapon when Ravin comes crushing into me. Ravin gets back up and unsheathes the short sword is had strapped on. Noticing a dagger on the inside of her thigh, I unsheathe the dagger and rise to my feet ready to face the monster with her. The beast comes rushing at us with unpredictable speed. Ravin snatches the dagger from my and places the sword into my hand "Trade you!" she yells as she rushes at the orc. Now wielding the sword i rush up behind her. Ravin jumps up into the air as i duck down below. Both dodging the orc's wild swing we get ready for our counter. I rush past the orc’s legs, leaving a big gash in its right leg,

    Meanwhile Ravin was busy coming down and planting her dagger in the orc’s neck. Catching Ravin on her way down I take a few steps back as the monster falls backward, dead from the Ravin’s neck wound.

    Putting down Ravin and trying to catch my breath, I was caught off guard as Ravin jumped up and sent her knee deep into my stomach. "Next time you put your hands on me I’ll kill you!" All i could do is listening as all the air is knocked out of my stomach. Finally getting my breath back i say "i needed a weapon", but it was no use. Ravin had turned away and decided she was no longer talking to me. That’s when her Father steps up once again "Ravin don’t be that way, he saved your life!" He turns to me "and why didn’t you use your sword?" Before i could answer his question Ravin turns and says "HIM!? Save my life!? AND HOW DO YOU FIGURE THAT DRAKE??" Drake points at burns on my skin, when he caught you on the way down it wasn’t to stop your fall, it was to protect you from that THING'S acid blood!" Now Blushing Ravin turns away and mumbles "I didn’t know, I’m sorry Shin'en." Raising to my feet and walking over to Ravin i say "no need to apologize, but i would love to see that gate." Before Ravin could say anything we are interrupted once again as a man walks in and doesn’t seem the least fazed by the bloodshed or the 6 foot monster lying dead on the ground. "The Village Elder would like to see you immediately"

    Inside the elders house we all sat around a table, Ravin on my left and Drake on my right. The Elder's House was huge, with shelves of old books rising to the roof on all walls. The Elder, Sitting on the far end of the table, begins to speak. "It pains me to do this to a stranger needing help in our village" He Began "But I’m afraid you have to go Shin'en. Since you arrival the monsters around the village have grown more aggressive and now they even dare to attack the village. You must go!" "Under the table i can feel ravin hand grip my arm in anger as her father now began to speak. " But elder this boy needs our help, you can’t just throw him out into the wild like that. Besides, doesn’t the village need to vote on decisions like exile?" The elder clears his throat and speaks one last time, "they already have, everyone would feel better with the boy gone. I am sorry Drake, and i am sorry to you Shin'en. You will leave in the morning, there’s a port town to the east of the village just over the mountains. I sincerely hope you can get help there." with this the elders leave, but not before Ravin Rises from her seat and slams her fist on the table, causing the whole table to quake. " YOUR WRONG! ALL WRONG!! NOT EVERY ONE WANTS HIM GONE AND...AND..AND IF HE GOES THEN I’M LEAVING TO!!" With this Ravin runs from the room. Too stunned to speak, both I and her father sat there. A "so be it, if she wants to leave let her. Shi'en and Ravin shall depart early tomorrow." the elder could bearly raise his voice above a whisper that time.

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