Thought on Phi-Brain: kami no puzzle in comparision to Yugioh

  • Phi-Brain: Kami no Puzzle is an anime that brings back memories of when I was much younger and was into the original Yu-Gi-Oh series. There are so many aspects of the show that are shared with Yu-Gi-Oh. The most obvious trait that is share between the two anime is that they are both shounen anime. Neither anime is super spectacular, however in my opinion they are both a lot of fun to watch.


    Phi-Brain: Kami No Puzzle follows the adventures of Kaito Daimon, a teenage master at solving puzzles. Kaito and his childhood friend Nanoha get caught in solving the deadly Philosopher’s Puzzle where failing results in death. The Puzzle of God (POG) organized the deadly puzzle. Kaito then is recruited as a solver and go on a quest to solve other deadly puzzles organized by the POG organization.


    Kaito is a very different type of character from Yugi  and the other solvers that he befriends on his journey almost always start out as rivals with the exception of Nanoha. Kaito definitely has a chip on his shoulder and just about every episode I’ve seen so far features Kaito finding himself in a dangerous scenario yet somehow always finds his way out of it.


    I must admit that the main reason I like is because it reminds me of Yugioh. The anime definitely targets a much younger generation but it’s a good change of pace from most of the more mature series that I have gotten into lately.


    According to Phi-Brain: Kami No Puzzle is rated 7.3 out of 10 which is not a bad rating but not that great. It is ranked 2,342 and 952 in popularity. These are really just average scores and honestly it is pretty accurate. The anime does not do anything innovative and is not something that keeps you wanting to watch episode after episode. It is something to watch when you want to check in on something different.


    The anime has been good enough for the creators to release two other seasons of the show, neither of which I have seen yet. Overall this anime is good but not great. However I still think it is worth checking out, especially for fans of Yugioh.