My art

  • Can life be as simple as money do and kindness don't? Does trust end when innocence turns to lust? Do I catch love with holes in my glove? Will friends turn to enemies when greed becomes all that we need? Does my physical state really define my entirety? Do I have to watch as I fall? Who, when I'm dying, do I call? Do I have family at the end? Will I make it just another day? What happens if my child is gay? Will I convey my desires through the eye of a needle? Will the world find comfort in my suffering? Will my words ever teach? Will my needs ever be met? Will my impact have any significance? Will I just leave this world with no ties? How will my children see me? Will I have children? Am I attractive? What if I'm too insecure to dance? Sex. What should I drink? What should I eat? In. Out. In. Out. Breathe. Blink. Beat. Beat. Pump. Pump. ~ simply the conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious thoughts within 4 seconds of an average human.