Puddings true inpiration

  • I truly believe as I examine the Charlotte Family more and more I see that in their Fairy tail World they are meant to represent our true world issues. In Puddings case I see her as a case of stereotypes in Beauty fro young women.
    \As we look at Pudding she is rather beautiful. However, as we have seen her third eye is all her family can see. To the point of bullying her and belittling her. Big Mom only saw worth in her once the reality of her Appearances came into play. She was even offered up on the basis that Sanji would see her as beautiful.
    I say that because of these external factors based on her appearance she was forced to develop a harder outer shell in a sense. She had to do what she could so that others would accept her even if it meant she would be hurt in the process. She learned to cook to satisfy her mother. she became an actress as to use her appearances in order to get what her family wanted.
    Pudding believed she had to live up to a level of perfection that she could not in reality. As such she did whatever she had to survive in her world. Much like many actresses duo every day.
    However once her future Husband to be Sanji saw her third eye and looked past it and saw her beauty as a whole this broke her. it caused to to see that someone could love her despite her imperfections, or at least imperfections in her mind.
    As such Pudding shows us what objectification of beauty does and how looking at a persons inner beauty can do for those lost in a world of appearances
    this is why I think she is not evil, simply broken