My everyday rants

  • Dreaming again...

    I keep hesitating for a long time

    My mind keeps wondering to a time that I cannot have

    My heart keeps longing for something that is not mine

    Can I keep dreaming about something that they call love


    The steps I take forward are much heavier than I thought it would be.I keep wavering whether the path I'm taking leads to the future that I long for.If the future comes, will I look back and regret the decisions I made or more than that,was I able to lead the life I long for.I can't help about thinking about the future and I can't help reminiscing about the past,regretting the things I did and was not able to do.How long will I keep living my mundane life that is so much deprived of unusual and exciting things.I guess,I'm being pessimistic again; will tomorrow come and still be the same as today.Ahhh.....I hope I knew where this feeling of emptiness come from.

     Why do I feel so empty?I feel like crying but tears won't come out of my eyes.A tingling feeling like something is stuck in my throat.I want to stop living like this;I want to change my life as well as myself.I keep wondering why I have to live a life like this.Will someone come and save me from this prison.But I guess,no one will be able extend their hand for me.


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  • ❀ Flower ❀
    ❀ Flower ❀ Hang in there! >x< You can do thiss! all you need is sprinkles of hope \*o*/ *cheers on*
    June 18, 2017
  • Nobody
    Nobody This is really sad yet, beautiful what you wrote in a poetic manner. I understand roughly where you are coming from. Life can suck but it can also be great. There are people who can help you, hang in there! *Sending virtual hug* \^_^/
    August 28, 2017