Angels of Death (True Ending)

  • Rachel "Ray" (Nanae)

    Zack (Me)


    There they stood, on the outside, though not quite sure how they were alive, they had made it. As the blonde took a soft breath, a scythe came to her neck as the redhead looked down at her. "Well, you did your part of the deal, so here's mine."

    As the scythe swung behind his head, then forward, it stopped just at her neck as he looked into her eyes. They weren't the dead look he hated so much, they actually had life in them now. The scythe was then swung over his shoulder as his eyes closed. "Nope. Still can't do it. You still have that stupid look on your face. I'll just have to wait till you get rid of it." 

    The red head's face turned, not making any eye contact. "So....until I decide to kill you, I'll have to keep an eye on you so nobody else takes my kill...." His cheeks turn a light shade of red. "And there's only one way of doing that.....Mary me...." he said in a soft tone, trailing off, only barely audible to the blonde's ears.
    She turned her head facing the redhead boy standing next to her and fairly smiled. She wasn’t sure anymore that god existed but she would still vow to wait for Zack. “Suddenly... Waiting doesn’t seem that bad...” her cheeks showing a cute pink as she put her hand over Zack’s. “Just make sure to kill me in the end”
    • Zack's eyes seemed to show a glimmer of something, something that had long since left them, but what was it? Happiness. His look quickly changed back as to not let her see. A hand moves up to her head, petting it. "Geez, you really are a masochist aren't ya? Fine, deal." He then turns to face her. "Oh yeah, one last thing. My mark. Since you're my prey after all. I have to make sure other's know that you're mine." Before she could respond, she was delicately pressed to the wall of the building, her lips were parted as the tall male had leaned down, holding her chin upwards. "Now say it; say you're mine...."
      It took her a while to figure out what just happened. A person who at first she was scared of was in front of her showing her a feeling that was different than any other before. The warmth from her lips spread all over her face as she blushed brightly. Even if for a moment... she felt alive. “I... I’m yours, Zack. Until the end of me” and she meant every word and closed her eyes in advance awaiting for him to confirm it with another kiss.

      Zack blinked, looking down at the small blonde. "The end of time, huh? Hell, why not? Greedy li'l thing aren't ya?" says as her chin is lifted, making the small girl rise to her tiptoes as he leans down. As the pair of lips were centimeters away, his opened "I l...." thoug the rest of the words were lost in time, drowned out by the downpour that began to pour over the two lovers, washing away all that had happened, and leaving them with a washed clean to start a new life together.