• Creepypastas

    Posted Apr 21 by Jo

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    I've decided to start discussing Creepypastas. Right now I'll just scale scariest to least scary of all I've read. (1) Ben Drowned (2) Jeff the Killer (3) Laughing Jack (4) Natale CLockwork (5) Eyeless Jack (6) Tic Read More...

  • Big Changes Are Coming to World of Anime

    Posted Mar 9 by Meeko

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    I've mentioned this a bit in passing lately, but I wanted to let everyone know about my plans for the future of this site, so everyone can be prepared. In short, I am building an entire new World of Anime site. (But wai Read More...

  • Looking for ideas for a new World of Anime

    Posted Mar 1 by Meeko

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    I want you all to think, if you could just snap your fingers and instantly have World of Anime go away and be replaced with another site entirely - what would you want from that site? Specifically, I'm trying to get ide Read More...

  • Story Snippets

    Posted Jan 31 by Clairisa


    Eurothia Cleanna & Leana's Meeting   Blood drips from the dagger and falls unto the ground. Three bodies lay unmoving and blocking the path to the entryway. My breath comes out in ragged puffs of smoke, making it Read More...

  • Creepypastas and slenderman real or fake

    Posted Jan 31 by black heart ( Shadow King )

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    Now I want to now what you all think is the creepypastas an slenderman real or fake also I am doing this cause going to do a video soon on this topic and I will be posting it on here as well


    Posted November 16, 2019 by Kanna


    This blog is just going to be me questioning life,my life choices, and just me being weird and stupid. So yea.. 

  • Sofyee

    Posted July 29, 2019 by Gowri

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    Sofyee - Kawaii Aesthetic Store Sofyee was founded in December 2016 with the goal of providing stylish sexy and kawaii lingerie clothing and accessories inspired by Asian Kawaii culture.  We are recruiting designe Read More...

  • My Original Welcome Email

    Posted April 24, 2019 by Meeko

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      Before creating and going live with this site, I had a simple "Coming Soon - E-mail me when this site is ready" form on where people could submit their e-mail address to be notified when ther Read More...

  • Something Big is Coming to World of Anime

    Posted February 4, 2019 by Meeko

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    Last August, I began working on a huge project for this web site. I can't say exactly what it is yet, but I think long time members of the site (since before the platform change in 2015) will really like it, and I hope t Read More...

  • So, I have an idea...

    Posted January 17, 2019 by The Saiyan Princess

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    I have an idea. It's one that I've had for awhile and I was hoping to get opinions here.. I've an idea for an anime. I understands at least a bit that goes into one and I know it's a lot, but I can't help but want to do Read More...

  • History of World of Anime: Part 1

    Posted September 26, 2018 by Meeko

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    Many of you do not know the history of World of Anime, so I am going to create a series of blog posts talking about the site, and its importance to me. The roots of this site go back to the late 1990s. It was a great ti Read More...

  • Awesome!

    Posted August 30, 2018 by Rhiana

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    Hello I am new here and I really love anime. I'm hoping to meet some more anime lovers like me. 

  • What change....

    Posted August 25, 2018 by Anthony Joseph Suson

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    I currently return to this website seeing post full of disgusting pictures. I don't know what happen to this website ever since my absence. When I post that I'll be getting everything back, there is a man named Mike made Read More...

  • Programming 101

    Posted July 3, 2018 by Detox

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    So I see no one really uses the blogs the way it is intended to be used, there are lots of spam blogs, so I thought why not write one?   I'm going to give my two cents about programming since that's what I know be Read More...

  • Clars abstract outliers

    Posted June 17, 2018 by Clar

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    For those that don’t know me, my name is Clar, I am an aspiring Arist in the Portland area. I use mixed media and prefer abstract and expressionistic pieces but will do my best to create whatever you request. I love char Read More...

  • What's Going On With The Site?

    Posted June 14, 2018 by Meeko

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    I'm sure you've noticed the site looks totally weird right now.  Let me start of by assuring you, this was not my intention for it to look like it does now. The version of the software running the site was old, and Read More...

  • other

    Posted May 15, 2018 by DJX

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    i been challeneged by another guitar player  should i accept the challenge Y or N

  • groups

    Posted May 9, 2018 by DJX


    Many groups to choose im thinking of joining on but which one should i join ? 

  • Laughter at the Opera - Part 5 Saeculum Per Ignem (The World By

    Posted February 5, 2018 by BowBwo


    "A symphony of crackle. Ever so monotone, scarring hearts and burning all to ash, yet life-giving and a symbol of power, freedom, and prosperity. Such is the will of fire...." -UnknownDancing around his feet, the roar of Read More...

  • Laughter at the Opera Part 4 - Speak No Evil

    Posted February 5, 2018 by BowBwo


    His pupils dilated slightly, avoiding the pained expression of shock that slowly tugged at his skin, crafting itself onto the now expressionless mask he wore as a face...His eyes narrowed before he closed them, taking a Read More...

  • Laughter at the Opera Part 3 - When the rapture comes

    Posted February 5, 2018 by BowBwo


    Theme for this rp: the Solo came to a close, the theatre thundered with the sounds of the audience clapping and cheering, for such a mesmerizing performance. The elegance and Read More...

  • Laughter at the Opera Part 2 - Lágrimas del Diablo

    Posted February 5, 2018 by BowBwo


    Ost: A small round table was decorated and lit, candles lined along the edges of the crimson cloth that spread across the surface, covering the top of the table. Large ova Read More...

  • Laughter at the Opera PART 1 - Paslėpta žinutė (Hidden message

    Posted February 5, 2018 by BowBwo

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    Standing by the window of his room, carefully fitting on his suit, with a white rose gently nested in his breast pocket, Adrian gracefully buttoning his cufflinks, shuffling the ends of his shirt sleeves down his wrists, Read More...

  • Adrian Licht

    Posted February 5, 2018 by BowBwo


    Quotes"When I listen to works of Mozart, or whether I'm attending swan lake at the Royal Albert Hall. I get a sense of Bewilderment. As if, my own thoughts become someone else...I feel like a king...Haha, a little crazy Read More...

  • Rewards website

    Posted January 10, 2018 by Meeko

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    I've mentioned this in the past before, but there is this pretty cool rewards web site that I use to get gift cards that I use to buy video games every month.  It's called Swagbucks, and it takes a bit of getting us Read More...

  • My Profile and Stuff

    Posted October 10, 2017 by Meeko

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    I just discovered today that for a long time, my profile has been set to only allow moderators to post to it.  I wanted to let everyone know that was not intentional, I wasn't aware I had this setting on, and I have Read More...

  • The Story of Shrek Senpai

    Posted September 10, 2017 by Daddy

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    Shrek Senpai always lived alone in his swamp. No one appreciated him :(. Until one day, in his fairytale hut a talking donkey appeared and spoke loving words to Shrek Senpai, which started a friendly bonding ship between Read More...

  • furries

    Posted August 25, 2017 by Britton DillPickle

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    I love furries just to say. Idont have a suit yet but i will work to get one. Ill insert a picture of what a suit looks like

  • Three tablets within 24 hours

    Posted August 15, 2017 by Anthony Joseph Suson

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    Well, a while before the lunch time ends, I have considered buying a tablets against Stress (Stress Tabs). However, I also have mind to buy tablet to enhance my memory (Mind Plus). But, then, I think I should buy Revicon Read More...

  • Memoirs of A fallen Traveller Final Part

    Posted May 18, 2017 by BowBwo


    He opens his eyes to the blue sky...birds flying without a cloud in sight....he smiles, running his hand over his face, feeling his own skin then gently rustling his fingers through his hair...he yawns...he slowly sits u Read More...

  • Memoirs of a Fallen Time Traveler Part 2

    Posted May 18, 2017 by BowBwo


    After the Battle in which Annabelle stabbed only 10 years oldHe woke up in a tent, sweating, twisting and turning, he was bandaged from his shoulder down to his stomach, he looked up at the ceiling and placed hi Read More...

  • Memoirs of Fallen Traveler Part 1

    Posted May 18, 2017 by BowBwo


    Sitting on a mountain, in an unknown time...searching for answers, he sits and sighs, running his fingers through his hair and closes his eyes...   Memoirs of Fallen Traveller Part 1   "shhhh.....i- hic-... Read More...

  • What makes Muzz so .....Muzz

    Posted May 14, 2017 by Earl Grey

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    1. Biryani n cigarette (bhaari suttebaaj xD) 2. Mere Baap ne mera naam paagal madar**** nahin rakha tha 3. Tsundere as hell 4. Monkey faced XD 5. Zindagi jhand ba toh kya karegi randhwa 6. Hyderabadiyon ka swag Read More...

  • My story

    Posted May 14, 2017 by D A C A T

    3 Comments 873 Views

    It’s midnight the air is filled with smoke and flame, sounds of death reverberate through every sword and axe. The stench of Death hangs in the air like a thick fog. A young man runs through the battle he could tas Read More...

  • Shein

    Posted May 13, 2017 by George

    11 Comments 1,130 Views

    Chapter 1: The Boy at The Gate It's dark and cold, i can't see anything but i can feel everything. I feel hands, like people carrying me. I smell food, juicy meats and warm bread. I can hear voices all around me. They a Read More...

  • Questions I get asked.

    Posted May 13, 2017 by BowBwo


    These are questions i get asked by people, because for whatever reason? they seem to give a shit about my Opinion...whereas i clearly don't regarding theirs >.> okay that's a lie, I do care XD   1. What do y Read More...

  • #2

    Posted April 16, 2017 by Raven

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    I see signs of you everywhere Yet you are nowhere  I wanted to ask where'd you go Simply because I wanted to know  I look around and see that you are a bird A bird whose sound I've always heard Sometim Read More...

  • My First Love

    Posted April 10, 2017 by Earl Grey

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    I first met you in sixth standard but I never realised your worth but you continued to realise me of mine. Every time I felt low, you were there to cajole me in your sweet words and wrapped me in an indefinable warmth of Read More...

  • #1

    Posted April 4, 2017 by Raven

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    We used to be friends- or at least that's what I think We used to talk to each other, I knew you well But everything changed and now we're on a brink Of an ending that we both could never tell   We used to be s Read More...

  • Random

    Posted March 27, 2017 by KiTtEn

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    Ok so I havent been on in a while so I feel like ive missed a lot but anyways my birthday is coming up and im still trying to figure out if I should be excited that im finally turning 15 or if I should just treat it like Read More...

  • Writing Contest

    Posted March 23, 2017 by Diorouqe


    Rycker He's now become a residing resident at Alberta's house. He's been there for two weeks now, but doesn't quite feel at home just yet, even though he's been told by Alberta that he's now part of her family. But Kasp Read More...

  • Stuff on the site from earlier

    Posted March 8, 2017 by Meeko

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    I truly apologize for what happened earlier tonight, it really affected me personally and I had to take the site down for a few hours to let things settle.   Obviously I made a bad decision with making Acnologia a Read More...

  • New to this

    Posted February 11, 2017 by KiTtEn

    3 Comments 981 Views

    So im still pretty new to this site and im not sure what to do. Im so used to G+ but it was blocked off my chromebook. This is definatly a lot different but ig I can get used to it. I was suggested to start a blog but im Read More...

  • Big Discord group

    Posted January 21, 2017 by Eccedentesiast

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    I wanna create a really big discord group. We can play games,watch movies etc. You know have fun and share thoughts. Im thinking it about it for quite a while and I want to know who would like to join. I wanna make a rea Read More...

  • Guide to the Internet

    Posted January 18, 2017 by Aqua

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    This guide is made for pretty much anyone on the internet in the hopes that people keep themselves out of trouble. How to survive on the internet. At first count everyone as a random strange 40 year old man(to dont go Read More...

  • Girl's Week old

    Posted January 16, 2017 by Loligirl


    Our lonely weekends will be endedIn the middle of the nightAnd our new selves will emergeThere's a certain heat and a smile in your fingertipsAnd in your ears there's a song and a kissAs I give you a gentle hugThat which Read More...

  • World of Anime Turns 7 Today

    Posted December 3, 2016 by Meeko

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    World of Anime was officially launched on December 3rd, 2009, so please join me in wishing:   Happy 7th Birthday World of Anime!!!   When did you join the site?  Let's see if we can find the longest te Read More...

  • Welcome the first site moderator

    Posted November 11, 2016 by Meeko

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    Just posted this in the Site Announcements forum, but since I figured not everyone reads the forums, I would post it here as well.   Almost since the beginning of this web site, people have asked me why there are Read More...

  • Not to Self: Fan Fics

    Posted October 30, 2016 by Kakashi Hatake

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    Okay.. I'm not entirely sure how to start this.. Maybe by stating what I'd like to post here? First thing's first..I write..Alot. Whethe that's fan fic or not. I am thinking about posting some (the anime related) fanfic Read More...

  • Would you like to help World of Anime grow?

    Posted October 24, 2016 by Meeko

    4 Comments 1,073 Views

    Since 2009, World of Anime has grown - very slowly - from nothing into what I believe is the best, and friendliest community of anime fans on the internet. I would like to take the site and community to the next level, w Read More...

  • My Fantasy

    Posted October 21, 2016 by Kenny Gurl

    11 Comments 1,031 Views

    My heart was racing as I ran,  afraid of what would happen if I would stop. I heard the thumping of Large feet and the Loud, Deep breaths behind me. I looked nowhere but forward when I saw the barrier, "If  I c Read More...

  • hi

    Posted October 20, 2016 by Rachel Berry

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    Today I went to go check out a crime scene and turning out the Butcher killed the cook because she left him.  The Butcher name is Seth Green. I I need a team of spys and cops to help me with this case im hiring &nbs Read More...

  • Introducing Birthdays!

    Posted October 6, 2016 by Meeko

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    When you are on the main homepage now, you will notice a new link underneath your profile picture for "Birthdays"   This link takes you to a page showing the birthdays of all of your friends (if they have provided Read More...

  • Introducing the Drama Club

    Posted October 5, 2016 by Meeko

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    I know a lot of you have been annoyed lately at all the drama that is appearing in the main feed. The problem is that the main feed shows everything from everyone's public posts, and even if you block someone, you still Read More...

  • Announcing My New Project - a Sister Site to World of Anime

    Posted September 29, 2016 by Meeko

    4 Comments 6 Likes 1,555 Views

    In my last post, I outlined my desires for having a World of Anime revival.  I mentioned that the need for moderators was going to be discussed, which I am going to get to now. First of all, I have been testing the Read More...

  • World Of Anime Revival - First Step

    Posted September 28, 2016 by Meeko

    5 Comments 1 Like 1,518 Views

    Do you remember how World of Anime used to be?  Do you long for those days when we had the most awesome community of anime fans?  One thing I used to always be proud of World of Anime was that even though we we Read More...

  • The Beginning

    Posted September 26, 2016 by Bunny


    She opened her eyes slowly, everything spinning around her. People looking down at her, dressed in clothing she didn't quite recognize.  She was dizzy and she could feel them grabbing at her arms. She could see they Read More...

  • Please complete this field - it is required

    Posted September 19, 2016 by Loly Lily

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    So I decided to write a blog on woa. The whole premise just felt comforting. A little spot on the internet where you could write what you want without really worrying if someone is going to read it since, let's be honest Read More...

  • new app

    Posted September 8, 2016 by black heart ( Shadow King )

    3 Comments 2,995 Views

    okay everyone there is a new app i am on if you want to get a hold of me it is called chatgum it is for phones and tablet  who ever has a phone or tablet should try it out

  • Short story "Luna"

    Posted June 3, 2016 by Blake


    Hey, so this was requested to get put up, so here we are :)  Let me know what you think!     Sept 23 2055   Entry no 206   Luna, have you ever thought about what it’s like to be alo Read More...

  • Sooooo

    Posted May 27, 2016 by Sammy

    20 Comments 1,271 Views

    I have a yaoi problem...completely obsessed with it, especially GokuxVegeta AND TurlesxGoku...Been ready WAY too many fanfictions about both of those paring... Not only that, but I swear I have too many cats XD I have fo Read More...

  • THE Metal-Safe, Handy as well as Efficient Carbonate Size Elimi

    Posted May 26, 2016 by Alston


    Just about all compound fertilizer for sale which touch without treatment drinking water within procedures including warmth move tend to be vunerable to depositing associated with carbonate weighing scales. The total amo Read More...

  • Rhiannon (Short)

    Posted May 21, 2016 by Sayaηov


    'From a tender age, I knew I was loved. I could feel it. They would murmur it with funny or soft emotional faces every day, until I grew to obtain the knowledge of words. Then they would tell me.       Read More...

  • Oh, hi... ^_^

    Posted May 14, 2016 by ParallelMoon

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    Don't mind me... I'm just introducing myself here. ;^_^> I'm a bit nervous, as it's been a long while since I've tried a forum like this. I am an akward woman (to say the very least and I'm just looking for good conv Read More...

  • Ohey- An introduction, if I may...

    Posted May 9, 2016 by Sayaηov

    1 Comment 1,096 Views

         I feel as though it wouldn't be right until I somewhat introduced myself to the communnity. So hello!I stumbled upon this site a few days ago while at work, and I've got to say- really enjoying what I Read More...

  • Life

    Posted May 1, 2016 by Juvia Lockser

    4 Comments 2 Likes 1,169 Views

    What is life? For me life is work. Since the age of around 6 you go through all the years of school and then you have college after college you work until you retire and then you die. Does that sound fulfilling ? You say Read More...

  • LIFE

    Posted April 5, 2016 by black heart ( Shadow King )



  • Blade and Soul Leveling Tips

    Posted February 23, 2016 by niyafeng


    1. The first day of the desired upgrade level, probably would be more tired Please appropriate game.2. Members can purchase sword of the Spirit reduce queuing time.3. The obtained venom Dragon Forest Dragon Forest area d Read More...

  • Ticking

    Posted February 22, 2016 by Kade

    1 Comment 1 Like 1,876 Views

    “Tick Tock Tick Tock”   There it is again. The clock from nowhere. I’ve heard the clock since I was young. Sometimes in other people, and when they noticed I heard it as well they would cry. I ne Read More...

  • The Room

    Posted February 20, 2016 by Kade

    5 Comments 1 Like 1,207 Views

    I sat in a small white room. Unseemingly cramped even though I sat alone. I wanted to stand to see what was beyond the white, double-doors across the room but my body would not listen to my demands. As I sat in the room, Read More...

  • Episode 1 of my Horror Flick series - Teaser Preview now Up On

    Posted February 6, 2016 by Emmaline

    2 Comments 1,391 Views

    VIDEO LINK HERE:   Teaser Preview of Episode 1 of my Horror Flick Drama Series is finally here. Full Episode of "I am Silent" WILL be posted later this Month. *:・゚✧*: Read More...

  • Silent Tears

    Posted January 5, 2016 by Madoka

    5 Comments 1,330 Views

    Silent Tears---------------------------------------- Genre: Drama, Romance, School Life Allowed Age To Read : "16" The Name Of The Story: "Silent Tears" Planned Chapters: "1-10" (From, To) -------------------------- Read More...

  • Web Site Outages

    Posted January 2, 2016 by Meeko

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    For those of you who have been experiencing web site outages for the past day, this is due to a large scale DDoS attack that is being done to the web hosting provider that I use for the site.  They are working on&nb Read More...

  • My Day today

    Posted December 26, 2015 by Emmaline

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    Went to Target, Best Buy, Game stop and Walmart today on a shopping trip. Target I looked to see if they got any characters from Monster High I like. They do have one but the one I wanted to get, shes not there. Plus wa Read More...

  • The Epiphany

    Posted December 9, 2015 by How_Stunning

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    The hallway was dark, illuminated only by the white mist that turned to pink, then to darker shades of red with each step that Victor took. The only exit he could see was the wooden door with a metal frame as the end of Read More...

  • Hi guuyss

    Posted December 6, 2015 by Ray Z

    2 Comments 2 Likes 1,342 Views

    Hajimemashite minna-san, i'm a newbie in this website i'm also indonesian gorl who likes anime and manga, and also i wanna be friends with you all ~~

  • Profile Codes 101: Backgrounds

    Posted November 1, 2015 by Sailor♥KittyMoon

    18 Comments 6 Likes 5,751 Views

    Profile Codes 101: Backgrounds Hello! My name is Sailor♥KittyMoon! I have only seen a few guides on how to change your profile and I have a lot of people ask me how to do it. So I wanted to make this really simpl Read More...

  • my kik mesg username

    Posted October 30, 2015 by black heart ( Shadow King )


    hey if anyone whats to mesg me on kik my username is black.heart1124 or mesg me on here for my real name

  • Bratzmoviemaker Media Productions Update

    Posted October 26, 2015 by Emmaline

    5 Comments 1,169 Views

    Figuring out how to move my videos off of my new phone since it is an Iphone6s. I think there is a way but at the same time I do not know if it is. Well in any case I may do filming on my phone. However the big series li Read More...

  • Help us reach 1,000 members

    Posted October 21, 2015 by Meeko

    1 Comment 1 Like 1,540 Views

    Hi everyone! I'd like to ask you all for some help. I would really like to try to reach 1,000 members on the new World of Anime by the end of this month. In order to do so, we need to average 33 new members per day for t Read More...

  • CONtv presents ‘Don’t Play with Dolls!’

    Posted October 14, 2015 by Meeko

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    Just a reminder, the second live stream for CreepCon will be Wednesday, October 14th! Last week’s showing was awesome, and they are expecting an even larger live crowd with more trivia, prizes and interactive chat Read More...

  • Anime store

    Posted October 10, 2015 by onii-san


    hey everyone check out for cheap anime merch thats worth the money.

  • All October is CreepCon at CONtv

    Posted October 7, 2015 by Meeko

    3 Comments 1,876 Views

    Just wanted to let everyone know that all this month, CONtv is going to be hosting a month long ‘CreepCon’ online with weekly live streams every Wednesday, starting October 7th. The livestreams will be hosted Read More...

  • Mobile version of the site

    Posted October 6, 2015 by Meeko

    6 Comments 4 Likes 1,329 Views

    Hi everyone!   I just put up the first mobile version of the web site.  Please let me know what you think, and if you have any problems with it.  I'll be tweaking it as necessary. Also, if you are on mob Read More...

  • the otaku is back :D

    Posted October 5, 2015 by the vengeful one


    this is to all my friends i had back when i was animeotaku17 on the old site, if you are looking for little old me ;P i am right here as the one and only youtube alchemist! a lot has changed since i made my old account, Read More...

  • Happy October

    Posted October 1, 2015 by reallyriah

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  • Weird bug in menu on mobile

    Posted September 24, 2015 by Meeko

    2 Comments 1 Like 1,592 Views

    Just wanted to let everyone who is on a mobile device know that I am aware that there is a CSS bug that is causing the Menu button to not work properly.  It's causing the main navigation menu to scroll across the sc Read More...

  • Coding

    Posted September 24, 2015 by Phirefli

    3 Comments 1 Like 1,718 Views

    I know we are all new to the site but was hoping we could maybe start a blog about coding on the new website? 

  • Getting used to it

    Posted September 24, 2015 by Ghofrane

    4 Comments 1,483 Views

    hey everyone i guess everyone is also getting used to the new WOA huh  Well i want to know what do you think of it now?? Ps. Friends are always welcome ^-^

  • Welcome to the new World of Anime

    Posted September 24, 2015 by Meeko

    4 Comments 7 Likes 1,736 Views

    I hope you all are enjoying the new World of Anime.  It's certainly taking me quite a bit of getting used to.   I'm still in the process of configuring things and trying out how various things work, so you ma Read More...