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Sailor Moon

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    July 12, 2018 10:44 PM EDT

    How does people like sailor moon? I enjoy it somewhat. i actually own the original 4 seasons (dic/pioneer) on vhs/dvd. That includes the three movies on vhs. The series has then recently re-released by viz. they plan on doing all 5 seasons and plan to keep it the closest to the original. i however am not a fan of the re-release. they even released cardcaptors again as well on dvd.


    I am not a fan of the voices they used in the viz dub. probably cause i grew up with the dic version as a kid. i know they are goofy voices and weird lines, but pretty great for me.


    My favorite is pluto and mars. (pluto is a planet. OK!? if people tell me my belief is wrong, then bite me.)


    What is your favorite planet? What is your favorite version and season?

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    November 25, 2019 3:45 AM EST

     My favorite planet mars and my favorite season is it's fourth because i think it relates to my life. Get academic writing experts to manage their educational work. And I must say that I like there viz dub version as well. Because it seems to be funny.

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