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Yancord - A Yandere Discord

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    August 1, 2018 6:47 PM EDT

    Yancord aims to be a large, multipurpose server for people who identify as yandere, as well as people interested in getting to know them better. Our primary objective is to foster and support an active, quality community with a focus on yandere culture, relationships, and life in general.

    We aim to provide a structured, comprehensive, efficient, and organized environment for people to chat, share, and discuss within the server. Interpersonal struggles or drama will be dealt with formally and with administrative involvement to keep our goal in tact.

    We also provide the opportunity for members 18 years in age or older to introduce themselves and access our dating channels. Our dating channels are for people looking to find a significant other and/or discuss relationships in general; with a focus on mature, respectful behavior.