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  • January 19, 2019 2:38 AM EST


    Fortnite celebrity Ninja also had  Maple Story 2 Mesos yet another big month, announcing a partnership with digital music label Astralwerks to launch an album of songs marketed to his massive Fortnite fan base and made to be royalty-friendly for his Twitch streams.Epic ended the year with a bang, announcing a slew of enormous business-related news alongside season 7 and a few headline-grabbing changes to the core gameplay.


    To start, Epic announced after which surprise-launched its own PC game store, which exists inside the exact same Epic Launcher that millions of gamers use to play Fortnite daily. The programmer also introduced Creative mode, a new, do-anything playground for players to experiment in complete Minecraft-style style. Even better was that the statement, during The Game Awards, that Risky Reels will be transforming to"The Block," a part of the game which will feature player-designed assets and environments from Creative mode.


    With the season 7 launch, Fortnite enlarged the size of its map with the addition of an all-new, Arctic-themed part covering the southwest corner. The season brought the first aviation -- a fighter airplane -- as well as zip lines for speedier travel and more lively combat. 1 hiccup for Epic was the introduction soon following this Infinity Blade in the studio's cellular game trilogy of the same name.


    The sword briefly seemed like  buy Maplestory 2 Items a fantastic addition as the first proper melee weapon, but it proved too powerful. After announcing two ways to cut back its viability, Epic ended up eliminating the Infinity Blade and announcing that it might rethink its strategy for deploying"mythic" items later on.To close the year out, Epic announced that it might make the cross-platform applications it developed to build Fortnite accessible for all developers using its Unreal Engine toolset.