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Fairy Tail Roleplay

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    April 14, 2019 1:24 AM EDT
    I wanna start a Fairy Tail Roleplay, so if anyone’s interested, then just say the word!
    Here’s the rules first because I wanna get those taken care of owo:
    1. Swearing is allowed
    2. Nothing sexual
    3. I don’t know what else XD
    I’ll be using my character Oroka (my account isnt a Roleplay account owo) so here’s some info, aka the reasons probably no ones going to participate XD:
    •Natsu’s sister (not blood-related)
    •Is good friends with Mira
    (Gruvia fans please don’t kill me TwT)
    • is in love with Gray (you can just check my profile to know that :P)
    •Hair color is mint, eye color is purple, fairy tail mark thing is purple and located on her leg
    •her magic is fire dragon slayer magic, but she’s really weak, so she also has possession magic, but once she posses someone and returns to her own body, she falls into a coma for a short period of time.(sorry if she’s marysue-ish qwq)
    You can Roleplay as your own character or as an existent one, but if you are role playing your own one you have to give me info about them and I have to approve. I think that’s about it, so ok then, I’m sad and want Roleplay, hopefully you are too and want to join me (^w^)