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Where can I get the latest anime news and updates?

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    February 6, 2020 4:06 AM EST

    Depending on the type of anime news, readers will want to use different sources for the latest updates. English-language anime news outlets are almost always tertiary sources. What this means is that they often act as news aggregators and write content based on reports published by other Japanese media outlets and covering everything from anime to video games, and from music to culture.

    Each English-language outlet has its own characteristics:

    Anime News Network (ANN), which calls itself the Internet’s most trusted anime news source, is the oldest player in the field but has evolved far beyond anime news reporting. It now covers video games, music, merchandise, events, as well as live-action media. While this gives a broad understanding of the scope and reach of anime- and manga-based media, it’s easy for a reader to be overwhelmed with all the stories that are out there. What ANN has done well in the past is supplementing its reporting with long-form content, such as specialty columns by its senior writers. Some of this long-form writing was recently supplemented by Anime Now!, which was founded by the industry-supported Anime Consortium Japan, but that outlet has ended its service as of 2018.

    MyAnimeList News (MAL News), to which I was appointed managing editor in 2015, has traditionally reported on stories which are related only to MyAnimeList’s database entries. What this means is that MAL News focuses on announcements of new anime, anime cast and staff announcements, manga announcements, and stories related to industry professionals—all subjects which make up the MyAnimeList database. For our readers, this means they may not often get stories about the latest television drama adaptation of a manga series, or updates on the newest Final Fantasy video game. In recent years, following MyAnimeList’s acquisition by mobile portal developer DeNA, we have tried to diversify our coverage through original long-form reporting, as well as MyAnimeList Featured Articles for guest columns.

    Crunchyroll News follows a similar approach to ANN over which stories it reports. They include video games, music, and popular social media content. However, many of its stories often include commentary, which may or may not detract from the experience depending on the reader. It’s also important to remember that Crunchyroll is a content provider, so there will be times that its stories focus on anime titles which it has licensed from Japan. Still, its news team is fairly independent and is not simply a public relations arm of the company.

    Otaku USA Magazine, despite a focus on its once-every-other-month print publication, also reports a majority of the latest anime updates on its website. Much like MAL News, its choice of reporting is selective and not as broad-reaching. It’s also highly dependent on other news sources such as ANN, Crunchyroll News, and MAL News.

    MANGA.TOKYO is a relative newcomer to the anime news reporting scene, so it doesn’t quite have the breadth of coverage that the outlets I listed above have. Its advantage, however, is that it’s a Japan-based team which has access events in Japan. This allows the site to produce event reports such as voice actor event reports, interviews with professionals, and so on.

    OTAKUKAN is another newcomer to the anime news reporting. They include video games, music, and popular social media content. However, many of its stories often include list articles.