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    Anime Fan Club

    For Anime Fans
    led by Matthew Lee

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    This is for people who wish to share their art and their ideas and make it happen. In this group, we support each other and give each other tips and details to add on their art. Everyone is welcome to join ^^ イクゾ
    led by ケンジ

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    Feel free to do anything that has something to do with BTS but no Bull about them or you will be removed from the group
    led by Bangtan'sBeauty_97

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    Otaku industries

    for creative people, this group is a place for writers and illustrators to meet, share ideas and work together to make their manga/story ideas a reality. ask an artist if they would like to help illustrate your idea or for a writer to provide a story for...  more
    led by Nicholas LastNameNotFound

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    Just a chat group for army that loves BTS!
    1. Please be respectful.
    2. Please don't...  more
    led by Aawlas

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    the legend of zelda club

    This club is for fans of the legend of zelda nintendo game series
    led by DR.LEMON

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    Mary and the Witch's flower

    For all those who are good fans of the film !
    led by Naoki-sama-Nya! (shironeko)