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    If u are in my band come join me and if u are going to be are fan when we reach the top come join us first song might be Red roses for you
    led by Naruto

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    pokemon fan club

    for pokemon fans of all sorts
    led by Evan (kris or chris)

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    Looking for Actors!

    You heard the title of this group correctly. I am a film maker, and seeking the right actors. Thinking it could help.
    I am currently working on a Xenosaga live action film. And seeking a female actor to play a role of Shion Uzuki.
    If anyone who knows the...  more
    led by Ed! The Alchemist!

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    South Florida Otaku

    Meet your fellow otaku that are near you
    led by YakiKuma

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    Let’s ROCK

    If u like rock this is the place for u
    led by Naruto

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    This is just a small group, where we can chat about our Waifus and Husbandos, and how we meet them in life. And who is your waifu est. To start it off, My Waifu is Escha Malier!. Super sweet girl!. I dearly love her. I am already married to her!. And...  more
    led by Ed! The Alchemist!

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    The Chilled Corner

    Basically this groups all about just chilling and having a good time. we can talk about anything in the group, express our love for anime, music and more!
    led by vexen158

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    led by Whimsical Chan