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    Paranoia Agent fans

    for thoese who love Paranoia agent and love Maromi!
    led by Diabolik Maromi

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    Haha. You won't be getting any sleep tonight~

    "Insanity is like a deep abyss,
    once you're in, you can't get out"
    led by Reon

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    Adult Comedy/Anime Action Role-Play/Meme Squad.

    Many People Say Old Memes Are Dead Memes...Well, Now You Can Use Any Kind Of Meme So Long As Its Funny.
    Also, This Is A Group Where You Can Do Role-Play Of Any kind Whether If It's Anime Or In Real Life...We Also Tell
    Adult Comedy Or Anything That Is...  more

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    Black Butler

    Come one and all Black Butler fans ,Lets have a little chat shall we.If this turns into a roleplay then oh well
    led by Winter Storm(Neko)

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    anime lover

    talk about anime
    led by jaiden warner

  • 189

    Anime Group

    Anything anime
    led by ZeroFive

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    If u are in my band come join me and if u are going to be are fan when we reach the top come join us first song might be Red roses for you
    led by Clay

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  • 111

    pokemon fan club

    for pokemon fans of all sorts
    led by Evan (kris or chris)

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    Looking for Actors!

    You heard the title of this group correctly. I am a film maker, and seeking the right actors. Thinking it could help.
    I am currently working on a Xenosaga live action film. And seeking a female actor to play a role of Shion Uzuki.
    If anyone who knows the...  more
    led by Ed! The Alchemist!