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    Cloud 9

    Awsome well, hey guys welcome to cloud 9! The kingdom of Casanova Himself. Cloud 9 is a group where all can goather and chat and post pictures and role play and socailize and...and.... ya just hnestly do whatever the fuck you guys want to here. this...  more
    led by Casanova

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    Naruto Shippuden

    Fans of the Anime Naruto Shippuden :D
    led by Tally Crow

  • 1,114

    Junjou romantica

    This is me
    If you don't like yaoi you do not belong here
    I need fellow people like me!
    Come join this club
    led by Alexandria

  • 1,630

    Otaku Club

    If you love Anime and more about Japan then you're welcome to join here! We share Anime info, news, and many more!

    Just click the join button!
    led by Draklive

  • 1,634

    Claymore Fans

    for those who loved the Anime Claymore and Manga. Written by Norihiro Yagi and was picked up by Madhouse in 2006 and turned into an Anime in 2007
    led by MrAnimeFan

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    Otaku Gamer Club

    This is a group for otakus and gamers both, if you are either one feel free to join ( ^∇^) We will be sharing our love for anime and video games that we all love :)

    -Kurai Okumura
    led by Kurai Okumura

  • 2,595

    Sword Art Online

    This group is for any member who joins especially anime fans or the ones that are interested in Sword Art Online but you can pretty much talk about any other anime other than this particular one. I just want everybody who joins to have a good time and...  more
    led by kirito

  • 1,009

    Rin Kagamine

    I like Rin Kagamine, I need friends :(
    led by ❤ Princess Miku Hatsune 初音ミク ❤

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  • 2,289

    The OGs of WoA

    this group will hold the most honorable of WoAs member. Acceptance is limited to those who joined very early and those who are beyond popular
    led by Mik