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    Anime Fan Club

    For Anime Fans
    led by Matthew Lee

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    Otaku industries

    for creative people, this group is a place for writers and illustrators to meet, share ideas and work together to make their manga/story ideas a reality. ask an artist if they would like to help illustrate your idea or for a writer to provide a story for...  more
    led by Nicholas LastNameNotFound

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    ever wanted to rp bakugan well you can
    led by Darron

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    Help Writing an Amazing Paper

    Numerous things may drive a student to pay for essay writing services.
    led by McDevitt

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    Yugioh fan club

    To those who are not playing yugioh anymore please join this club to rebuild the yugioh era (note: if you want to join take a photo of bunch/little amount of yugioh cards and say I
    led by Yuto

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    led by Riolu

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