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    Original Light Novels written by Kanagari and Rodrigo

    Right now I´m going to let here the prologues of 2 LN I wrote myself, to see which one you´ll like I continue writing. I´ll be on your care people.
    Then let´s explain more or less what is about each one.
    By the way, if anyone wants to copy my...  more
    led by Rodrigo

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    The Poetry and Philosophy League

    This is a group meant for those with an interest in poetry and the deeper meaning of life.
    led by How_Stunning

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    Creepy Pastas

    creepy pastas :0
    led by WorldOFdrunks

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    Unleash your deepest desires by creating the fan fiction of your dreams and show it to the world here after all you've always wanted to see characters A & B doing ____ right? The group is mainly for fan fiction but anime/manga discussions etc are always...  more
    led by romar