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    March comes in like a lion

    For everyone that has been through the ups and downs of life, suffered depression and conquered it, a nice place where people can just relax and be themselves and chill and hang out.
    led by Naoki-sama Nya! (shirayuki neko)

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    Negima Magister Negi Magi

    A place where everyone can chill out, and be friends!
    You can choose which profile character you want to be, from the meek but noble Negi-kun to the most epic badass character ever Asuna-san!
    led by Naoki-sama Nya! (shirayuki neko)

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    ever wanted to rp bakugan well you can
    led by Darron

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    PangYa (Korean: 팡야, "Bang!", known as PangYa Exhilarating Golf in Japan), is an online multiplayer casual golf simulation game designed by Korean development company, Ntreev Soft and NCSOFT.
    led by Riolu

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    Creepypasta Rp!

    Jeff The Killer:Ultra instinct sign Goku
    Jane The Killer:Kady Siren [single]
    Sally:Darkness...  more
    led by Neko Yami~Mio!(shikuro neko)

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    Fairy Tale RP

    It's just a group for role playing the anime fairy tale.
    I neko Takifu~chan am juvia.
    led by Neko Yami~Mio!(shikuro neko)

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    Love Love Kawii Kitten~

    Come to our kawii cafe.
    Eat our sweets, and meet our sweet neko maids!
    led by Neko Yami~Mio!(shikuro neko)

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    This is a group to find yourself and older or younger sibling. We all know deep down that we want a sibling to love and take care of or be loved by and taken care of so just ask for what you're looking for~ ;D
    led by BakaBoy

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    Mecha Land RP

    Mecha Land Robot Factory
    led by PepperCAT