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    Accept Others Opinions (Anime)

    I need your help. Today's anime community is so objective. Many people are not very understanding of others opinions. It's a real shame. If you dislike a anime series that someone else absolutely loves, they will tell you that your opinion is wrong, and...  more
    led by RanProxy

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    anime mix

    This is for members that has watched anime mix or have heard of them.
    led by Demon King Daimao

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    anime talking group

    This is a group for talking all about animes.
    This group is for nothing else
    led by Demon King Daimao

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    changing the accounts

    this is for the users that changes their username and background photos weekly.
    led by Demon King Daimao

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    ❤Adorable and Magical Creatures❤

    Hello hello~ If you're as obsessed with pink and cute things as i am, this is definitely the group for you! ☺
    This group is basically a pink dream~ and everyone is welcome!
    We're all here to support each other, spread cuteness and make fantastic...  more
    led by 王女 サブリナ ❤

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    Confession Booth

    Share stories of kisses, relationships, secrets. We can't say anything about someone we don't know. Feel free to join and confess!
    led by Kousaka Honoka

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    Profile style css

    This group is for anyone who wants to customize their profile.This group deals with tutorials for these profile customization's on CSS . : 3

    So if you want to know more of what CSS is and what I can do with it to make my stuff here on World of Anime...  more
    led by !F o o d!

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    For all things comics. For the few and the brave who are willing to admit they love Comic Books as much as Mangas
    led by AnnieMayMan

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    Disappearing Act

    *Once you're gone, everyone will soon forget you like a disappearing act.*
    led by Cryptic