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    Coding Group

    A group for people who would like to learn code, and those who know how to code.
    led by Phirefli

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    Rin Kagamine

    I like Rin Kagamine, I need friends :(
    led by ❤ Princess Miku Hatsune 初音ミク ❤

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  • 1,364

    Game Devs

    A lil group for game developers to join and share content! XD
    led by Kit [sune] OuO

  • 4,261

    Vampire Academy

    Heyy come in if you dare this place is with all kind of creatures
    Don't let them fool you!! “ψ(`∇´)ψ this time it will be a little different, it won't be a house but a school a vampire-school so i want to know how you look like ,what you like...  more
    led by Ghofrane

  • 1,039

    Girls party!

    lets bring our moment together and be friends again^^ this is our girls party!with new and advanced generation
    led by ameri kawaii

  • 2,136

    Rp if you dare

    anything and everything allowed, no sex take that to pm or kik romance allowed
    led by Jacob

  • 1,148

    Corpse Party Roleplay

    Can you survive the halls of Heavenly Host? You must find your friends and escape this hell. If you can take it... The let the horror begin *evil laugh*
    led by animefreak35

  • 2,474

    Fairy Taily

    this group is based on the anime
    led by black heart ( Shadow King )

  • 2,221

    Bleach rp group

    A group where you can use your bleach ocs or use any bleach char from the anime you may also us any ocs you have I like it when animes cross over
    led by kovu uzumaki 234