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  • 87

    Matsu Nation

    This group is for Osomatsu-san fans to chat and share images within the fandom.
    led by Browski

  • 138

    the unstoppable 3

    we are an anime group we are unstoppable
    led by NYU

  • 101

    Paranoia Agent fans

    for thoese who love Paranoia agent and love Maromi!
    led by Diabolik Maromi

  • 245

    Anime Group

    Anything anime
    led by ZeroFive

  • 132

    South Florida Otaku

    Meet your fellow otaku that are near you
    led by YakiKuma

  • 144

    The Chilled Corner

    Basically this groups all about just chilling and having a good time. we can talk about anything in the group, express our love for anime, music and more!
    led by vexen158

  • 445

    Anime Neko/free! and Black Butler

    Mostly anime neko boys and girls. Also Free! and black butler.
    led by Rhiana

  • 472

    Twisted Tales

    Anime thats scary,twisted or other animes. General talk about anything. Talk about how ypur day went.
    led by Rhiana

  • 259

    801 Brigade

    A chat group for fujoshi's and fudanshi's who want to openly discuss their ships and/or opinions on yaoi/shounen ai anime, manga, manhwa, and others!

    But of course, talk about anything you'd like!

    Help me start something interesting in this group ^^
    led by dinkydino

  • 284


    Where us yanderes can share pictures and thoughts
    led by Chandrelle