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  • Anna H. Since the time of this site's upgrade, who else besides me has been having problems using it?
    Oct 3

  • Tra Accidentally inhaled a bunch of insecticide today and then stupidly let myself sit in the room filled with the mist of said bug spray to find out you're supposed to leave the room for a while and ventilate it to avoid getting poisoned.. well long story short.. I got poisoned. Congratulations you played yourself, Tra. Dumbass
    Oct 21

  • Detective Wumpus. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. ~
    Sep 27

  • Kanna's Korner No lolis are allowed here, thank you.
    Jul 19

  • Maven Okurrr
    Sep 25

  • Stitch't What's up? I'm back!
    Sep 19